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  • Jan 06 Ageless Oral Health & Beauty Featured on Examiner

    Celebrity orthodontist/Spokesperson for Invisalign and superior Elite Provider in NYC, Dr. Jacquie Smiles authorizes that an optimal healthy smile is not only always in season- but timeless and ageless. However, when it comes to maintaining ...  Read More

  • Dec 21 Teeth Straightening Today Can be Likened to a FED-EX Delivery on Christmas Eve

    Teeth straightening has taken on some new dimensions, thanks to the process called AcceleDent. At this time of year, you may have put a rush on buying some of your holiday gift. You can also follow suit by quickening the pace of your orthodontic ...  Read More

  • Dec 14 As Featured on Examiner

    NYC Cosmetic Orthodontist Offers Flex Dollars Program To Keep Your Smile Ageless Full Article on Examiner CLICK HERE… Dr. Jacquie Smiles, spokesperson for Invisalign and superior Elite Provider in NYC, has officially announced and launched ...  Read More

  • Nov 23 Invisalign vs. Wired Braces

    If you have just made up your mind to get braces to align your teeth, then the first question that will probably pop up in your mind is whether to use the regular wired braces or opt for Invisalign. Choosing the right type of braces is not an ...  Read More

  • Nov 05 Orthodontic Emergencies Tips to Help You Get Through in a Crisis

    Do you know that there is a time during the year when orthodontic emergencies crop up more frequently than others? Now is that time. Fall sees many people go outdoors, fill up parks and stadiums, and play a wide variety of sports. It may be that ...  Read More

  • Oct 29 Pediatric Dentistry: Instill Good Habits and Awareness in Kids

    Did you know that bananas cause more dental cavities than chocolate and chewing gum? Schedule a pediatric dentistry appointment to know more dental facts or “myth-busters”. A pediatric dentist is the best person to educate you and your child on ...  Read More

  • Oct 22 Why Should You Get an Orthodontics Examination?

      There is more to dental health than brushing and flossing every day. Dental health encompasses a wide array of criteria—are your teeth properly aligned, do your teeth meet normally or do you have a cross-bite, do your jaws shift, and are ...  Read More

  • Oct 12 Flash Your Beautiful Smile with Invisalign® Aligners or Braces

    This Halloween, you should be more excited about Invisalign® aligners and braces than candies and costumes! Give yourself a treat by going in for teeth straightening. Choose Invisalign® aligners or braces to give yourself a festival smile ...  Read More

  • Sep 30 What Makes for a Winning Smile?

    What Makes for a Winning Smile? Members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry vote every year to choose the best smiles in Hollywood. Over the years, they have voted for Eva Mendes’s million-watt smile, the pearly whites of Kate Hudson, ...  Read More

  • Sep 23 Invisalign®, AcceleDent, and Braces for Million-Dollar Smiles

    How much does AcceleDent cost or is Invisalign® treatment the best option for me? Should I wear adult braces and will I see results after getting braces off?  As summer holidays draw to an end, it is back-to-school time again, and young adults ...  Read More

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