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  • Oct 12 Flash Your Beautiful Smile with Invisalign® Aligners or Braces

    This Halloween, you should be more excited about Invisalign® aligners and braces than candies and costumes! Give yourself a treat by going in for teeth straightening. Choose Invisalign® aligners or braces to give yourself a festival smile ...  Read More

  • Sep 30 What Makes for a Winning Smile?

    What Makes for a Winning Smile? Members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry vote every year to choose the best smiles in Hollywood. Over the years, they have voted for Eva Mendes’s million-watt smile, the pearly whites of Kate Hudson, ...  Read More

  • Sep 23 Invisalign®, AcceleDent, and Braces for Million-Dollar Smiles

    How much does AcceleDent cost or is Invisalign® treatment the best option for me? Should I wear adult braces and will I see results after getting braces off?  As summer holidays draw to an end, it is back-to-school time again, and young adults ...  Read More

  • Sep 16 Say Cheese! The Benefits of a Bright and Beautiful Smile

    A healthy, bright, and beautiful smile is indeed worth a million dollars. A smile can lighten up the mood in a room. A smile can break the ice and bring strangers closer; it radiates happiness and spreads cheer. But you need to work on your ...  Read More

  • Aug 26 Pediatric Dentist Visits Are Imminent Come Fall

    It will soon be fall and when you see the deep greens, rich reds, dark yellows, and brilliant oranges around you, get ready for a visit to the pediatric dentist. Autumn is the time to go apple-picking, munch on roasted pumpkin seeds, gorge on ...  Read More

  • Aug 21 New School Year, New You!

    “New year, new me” is always on everyone’s resolution plans. Resolution plans don’t always have to appear during the New Year holidays. For many of us, a new school year is rapidly approaching within the next few weeks. Whether you’re a teenager ...  Read More

  • Aug 06 Attitude of Gratitude Starts With a Smile

    Every day individuals wake up with the desire to feel their absolute best- to radiate from inside out. The basic law of attraction has always been simple… much like a positive attitude towards life often invokes the same energy reflecting back, ...  Read More

  • Aug 05 Why White Is The Color For Weddings…Bright, White Smile That Is!

    White is the color for weddings; white dress, white flowers, white cake … but what about white teeth? While brides often times devote the entire wedding planning process to making her guests comfortable and happy, they often forget to pamper ...  Read More

  • Jul 28 Buzzfeed White Smile Bridal Tips

    Ultimate Smile Shows Happiness To Do “I DO” Check List -And it is all about the details. On Every Bride’s Agenda Should Include: What have you checked off? *Romantic, Designer Dresses *Flowers & Floral Bouquets *Manicure & Pedicure *Hair ...  Read More

  • Jul 08 Here Comes The NYC/NJ Bride

    Here Comes The Bride and Her Perfect Smile Tis the season for weddings! Wedding season is in full effect and we know that the months leading up to your big day can be extremely stressful. The “to do” lists are never ending and each task is ...  Read More

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