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  • May 20 Celebrity Cosmetic Dentistry Makeovers

    When you think of celebrity crushes and big names on the big screen, it is hard not to associate a killer, unique smile: big pearly white teeth in flawlessly straight alignment, a picture perfect grin that dazzles and bings like in a Tic-Tac ...  Read More

  • May 07 Picture Perfect Smiles in NYC

    It is time to get the smile of your dreams ready for every photo! Do you find yourself hiding your smile when it’s time to “capture the moment” or covering your mouth when you laugh because you feel self-conscious about your teeth? If you said ...  Read More

  • Apr 21 A Less Than Perfect Smile in NYC?

    Suffering from a less than perfect smile? You don’t have to. With a variety of services on the orthodontic menu, there is never a reason to hide your smile or feel embarrassed when you enter a room. Let’s face it, a smile is important. It is the ...  Read More

  • Apr 17 Optimal Hollywood Smiles on Examiner

    Hollywood Recognizes a Perfect Smile!  Dr. Jacquie Smiles uses the latest in orthodontic technology and has been sought out by the media with regard to her advancements in treatment. Getting the perfect bright, white and straight smile is the ...  Read More

  • Apr 15 Create the Ultimate Smile in NYC

    A smile is the best accessory that a person can wear. Why not make sure that your smile looks its best so you feel comfortable flaunting it? It is very common for people to feel insecure about imperfections with their teeth – whether it be ...  Read More

  • Apr 09 Why Invisalign is the Best Choice for Your Teenager in NYC

    Teen years can be a daunting time for many as the transition from being an adolescent to an adult begins. Teenagers spend a great deal of time looking at themselves and dissecting every part of their face and body. During these years, many ...  Read More

  • Mar 31 An Orthodontist Does Not Have To Be A Child’s Worst Nightmare

    To orthodontists, it’s often shocking to find out how many adults are still afraid of the dentist and/or orthodontist – stemming from when they were kids. With all those scary drills and prying fingers, it’s all but understandable how one bad ...  Read More

  • Mar 17 Benefits of Plaque HD Broken Down

    The Benefits of Plaque HD ™ -Professional Plaque-Identifying toothpaste. Plaque is a soft, sticky and often colorless film containing bacteria that builds on your teeth. Often, plaque is very challenging to identify and remove, causing many ...  Read More

  • Dec 29 Teeth Whitening Solutions for the NEW YEAR!

    As we begin to full on embrace the holiday season once again, we are all interested in looking and feeling our best. Who doesn’t want their smile to sparkle just like a snowflake? Bing!  Read More

  • Sep 29 Orthodontics Guide

    Orthodontists are specialists that diagnose, treat and prevent dental irregularities. Orthodontists provide services such as braces, teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry. Braces is specifically a common reason to visit the orthodontist office, ...  Read More

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