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Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatments on the Rise in the United States

Teeth whitening in the United States is high in demand, and it’s expected to remain this way for years to come. Dental whitening is a multi-billion dollar business that non-dentists have managed to tap into and earn a piece of the pie, but is it illegal? Read below on the signs of illegal teeth whitening and how to avoid causing damage to your teeth. 

In recent years the industry has struggled over whether non-dentists should be allowed to whiten teeth. It’s surprising these days that consumers can walk through a mall and suddenly have the opportunity to whiten their teeth from a kiosk that doesn’t employ a licensed dentist. Some of these kiosks even have teenage employees working with patients and are responsible for administering the teeth whitening procedure properly.

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The Institute for Justice, which is a non-profit libertarian law firm, revealed that dental boards in 25 states took steps to shut down the teeth whitening mall kiosks and other similar establishments. Some of the states now follow the law that only allows licensed dentists, assistants, and dental hygienists to conduct teeth whitening procedures on patients. Other states are expected to follow the same rules as dentists continue to struggle to regulate the industry.

Dental organizations support the restrictions and still believe customers are at risk due to retailers practicing dentistry illegally.  Studies reveal that 20 percent of the population in the United States would consider receiving teeth whitening treatments at mall kiosks, beauty salons and other establishments that don’t have a licensed dentist on the premises.

The fact that anyone can have access to illegal teeth whitening procedures puts the public at risk of damaging their teeth. Some consumers have reported they were given a high dosage of peroxide, the main ingredient in most teeth whitening gels, that made their teeth extremely sensitive. Other issues related to treatment received at illegal teeth whitening establishments include damage to enamel and tooth loss.

Consumers often choose convenience over visiting a dental office to whiten their teeth. Stopping at a mall kiosk while running errands creates convenience but it doesn’t mean it’s safe. An accidental mix up with the dosage can lead to someone losing their teeth which often leads to emotional trauma.

Signs of illegal teeth whitening establishments

  • It’s located at a mall kiosk – Pop up booths that are placed in a mall or at an outdoor festival usually don’t have a licensed dentist on the premises to conduct or oversee the procedure.
  • They come to your home to do the process – Discount offers that provide at-home service. This situation usually means the person doing the procedure doesn’t have a permanent location to conduct business. This scenario often leads to the consumer never being able to locate the person again if the service causes the damage.
  • It’s found in the back of a beauty salon – Salons often provide their customers with a variety of beauty services, but a dental procedure such as teeth whitening shouldn’t be an option.
  • It’s too cheap – Some teeth whitening services that are obviously illegal are the ones that provide treatment for an extremely low cost to attract more customers.

Consumers need to be aware of teeth whitening scams that can damage their teeth permanently. Dentist offices provide a variety of teeth whitening services that offer better results than any mall kiosk. Customers are often pleasantly surprised to learn teeth whitening treatments at a dentist office is affordable and safe! The battle between dentists and illegal teeth whitening establishments are expected to continue until the industry is regulated.

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