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  • Dec 02 Dr Jacquie

    Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling (also known as Dr Jacquie by her patients) has specialized in orthodontic treatment for a little over 10 years. During this time she has helped people live healthier and feel more confident by giving them straight, ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Whitening your teeth

    Dr. Jacquie Fulop-Goodling ( also known to her patients as Dr. Jacquie Smiles ) is the insider tip for Broadway actors and actresses, as well as television and screen actors, from stars to weathermen, for getting the whitest teeth possible. And ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Invisalign aligners are making braces an obsolete dinosaur

    Over a half million patients have made the move from ordinary braces to Invisalign aligners and the number is growing every day! Most Invisalign users ( especially kids) claim their biggest joy is the fact that the aligners are almost invisible. ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Orthodontist and Dentist

    Combining modern technology with old fashioned service Specializing in INVISALIGN If you are looking for an Orthodontist in the New York City area, Dr. Jacquie Smiles, Orthodontist and Invisalign specialist should be on the top of your list. She ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Greater New York Dental Meeting highlight speaker returning again

    Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D. an Invisalign Specialist, residing and practicing in New York, New York will once again be one of the featured speakers at the Greater New York Dental Meeting…… You can enroll for her course, to ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Dr. Jacquie Orthodontist and Invisalign Specialist

    Puts the Personal, back into Personal Hygiene. When you think of words like Dentist, Orthodontist or Dental Surgeon, you immediately think of Personal Hygiene. So why is the Personal disappearing at Dental Centers around the USA? Every visit you ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Orthodontics and Invisalign on Long Island

    Are you looking for a top rated Invisalign Orthodontist in┬áthe Long Island area? The dental offices of Dr. Jacquie Smiles are a one-stop clinic for you and your family for all of your orthodontics needs. Expert cosmetic dentist Dr. Jacquie ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 Toddlers and Toothbrushes

    What is more thrilling than seeing your little cutie shine that wide grin of theirs at you? Pretty much nothing except maybe the knowledge that you have done everything possible to ensure that beautiful smile is as healthy as it is fetching. ...  Read More

  • Dec 02 What is the deal with Orthodontic Relapse?

    Most teens and their parents believe that if they comply with their orthodontic treatment, they will have straight teeth for life. But in reality, that just is not the case. Dr. Jacqueline Fulop Goodling’s three orthodontic offices ...  Read More


    I feel like I am on the home stretch. I also feel like getting an extra week in with my trays helped me out a lot. Tray 10 eased onto my teeth with no problem. I also have a confession. I jumped five trays ahead to sneak a peek at my last tray ...  Read More

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