Beautiful white teeth

Everyone wants beautiful white teeth and with the myriad options on today s market, the smile you have always wanted is no further than the neighborhood drugstore or your dentist s chair. Dr. Jacqueline Goodling, a New York City based orthodontist and whitening specialist offers her top tips to ensure that every whitening experience is as effective and comfortable as possible.

Not all whiteners are created equal
Both over the counter whitening kits and professional treatments offer certain benefits and in order to have the best outcome possible, it is important to understand what can reasonably be expected. Additionally, it is vital to start with a clean slate.

No matter what method of whitening a patient opts for, it is essential to have a professional cleaning beforehand to ensure the best possible results, cautions Dr. Goodling. Plaque and remnant adhesive from orthodontic treatment will not whiten so if they are present, the result will be blotchy and imperfect far from the radiant smile people want when they whiten.

Some of the best OTC Whitening Kits available include Crest 3D White Whitening Strips, Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolve Strips, GOSMILE, and many more offer high-level whitening at a much lower price point than professional treatments. Their pros include being inexpensive and convenient and they are great for emergency situations or maintenance. The con is that users are more likely to use these incorrectly. Prices range from $20 – $99.

Professional Whitening Treatments include in-office treatments like Zoom! whitening or BriteSmile that offer fast results and doctor supervised at-home whitening, which are more economical and render the same results as in-office treatments, though less rapidly. The price varies from $500 to $1,000.

Top Dos and Don ts for a life-long white smile Once the whitening process is complete, maintaining that brilliant smile is priority number one.
The first step is to complete treatment for the best results.
Chew sugar-free gum.
Dab anti-sensitivity toothpaste directly on sensitive spots and leave it over night.
Talk to your dentist about ACP to instantly relieve sensitivity.
Avoid stain-making foods and beverages like red sauces, balsamic vinegar for two weeks after whitening.

Dr. Goodling is a New York City-based orthodontist with practices in New York City, Long Island, and upstate New York. Her accomplishments are vast: Dr. Goodling is the top ranked female Invisalign provider in New York State, an active lecturer, and was the first female director of BU Dental School s Orthodotic Department.

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  • Beautiful white teeth

    ...priority number one. The first step is to complete treatment for the best results. Chew sugar-free gum. Dab anti-sensitivity toothpaste directly on sensitive...

  • Beautiful white teeth

    ...first step is to complete treatment for the best results. Chew sugar-free gum. Dab anti-sensitivity toothpaste directly on sensitive spots and leave it...

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