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When it comes to achieving that million dollar smile, there’s no one quite like Dr. Jacquie Smiles who knows how to get the job done. As a kid, I remember being so insecure about my mouth full of metal, but today, Dr. Jacquie is helping us kiss traditional braces goodbye and say hello to Invisalign Teen — something 14-year-old me would have welcomed with open arms.

“Invisalign Teen is fantastic. It’s removable,” Dr. Jacquie explained to K104 radio show. “You don’t have to have those braces stuck and rubbing your teeth. You don’t have to have any food restrictions — you can have all of the corn on the cob, even all summer long, that you want. It’s really great. There’s a blue compliance indicator on it that allows teens to go from blue to clear, telling the teenagers, the parents, and also me, that they’re wearing it.”

Plus, aside from perfecting her patient’s teeth, Dr. Jacquie also works her magic on her own mouth. Yup, you read that right — she actually does her own teeth, which is how K104 put it “like a surgeon doing surgery on themselves.” Talk about being the real deal!

Still, her set of skills do not stop there. While Dr. Jacquie initially started her practice on Park Avenue in Manhattan, she’s since inherited her favorite professor and mentor’s practice in Monroe Township, New Jersey, and has also expanded to opening offices in both Nassau and Suffolk counties in Long Island.

Even more impressive is the fact that not only does Dr. Jacquie perform the Invisalign procedure, but she actually teaches it too.

“I’m on faculty for align technologies,” she explained to K104. “There’s 55,000 doctors certified in North America and 24 faculty members, so it’s an honor and a privilege.”

While it’s clear that Dr. Jacquie is the woman to trust with your pearly whites, many fear that they may not be able to afford her services — luckily, Dr. Jacquie informed K104 that may not necessarily be the case.

Aside from regularly running contests where she awards winners with top-notch dental work valued between $5,500-$7,500, Dr. Jacquie also revealed to K104 that many people actually do have orthodontic coverage — they just don’t know it. Even better? She says that if your insurance covers orthodontics, it should also cover Invisalign.

If you’re one of the many who are unsure whether or not your insurance will cover Dr. Jacquie’s services, there’s one very easy way to find out — just call one of her offices and her staff will find the answer for you!

Like Dr. Jacquie Smiles puts it: “straighten teeth, have more confidence.” So, what are you waiting for?