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  • Apr 01 Gum & Your Teeth: The History of Gum

    The ancient Greeks chewed a substance called mastiche to freshen their breath. The chewy material was made of resin from the bark of the mastic tree, which is native to Greece and Turkey. In the tropical rainforest of what is now Central ...  Read More

  • Mar 22 Life With Braces

    Eating with Braces What can you eat? Let’s talk about what you can and cannot eat. For the first day or so, you may want to stick to a softer diet until you get fully comfortable with your braces. Avoid chewy candy, and biting into hard ...  Read More

  • Mar 03 Invisalign Teen Product Fits In with a Teen’s Active Lifestyle

    Invisalign Teen Product is a clear removable aligner that doesn’t interfere with a teen’s active lifestyle. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, an orthodontist, Spokesperson for Invisalign Teen, and an Invisalign Elite Premier Provider ...  Read More

  • Mar 02 Teeth Grinding | Management & Cures

    You have probably read about gnashing of the teeth. Authors from Mark Twain to Charles Dickens to the scribes of biblical times have referenced this popular idiom for an expression of extreme anger. But if you find yourself or a family member ...  Read More

  • Feb 25 Wisdom Teeth | What You Need to Know

    If you were waiting for some extra brainpower to kick in with the arrival of your wisdom teeth, don’t hold your breath. Wisdom teeth are intelligent only in name, and are actually correlated with an advance in age, not an increase in ...  Read More

  • Oct 12 When Is Your Child Ready for Braces & Orthodontic Treatment?

    The who, what, when, where, and how of orthodontic treatment can be a daunting pile of questions regardless of whether your first or your seventh child is due for some wires. And while it may seem early, the American Association of Orthodontics ...  Read More