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  • Feb 06 Illegal Teeth Whitening Treatments on the Rise in the United States

    Teeth whitening in the United States is high in demand, and it’s expected to remain this way for years to come. Dental whitening is a multi-billion dollar business that non-dentists have managed to tap into and earn a piece of the pie, but is it ...  Read More

  • Jan 24 Smile Direct Club and Professional Local Orthodontist in NYC

    Do you want a smile you’re proud of revealing? Chances are you do, and you want to achieve this goal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Clear aligners have become the most popular teeth straightening treatment available to consumers ...  Read More

  • Jan 15 Invisalign Reaches 6 Million Patients

    Invisalign reaches an industry milestone with their 6 millionth patient. Invisalign is known as the most advanced clear aligner teeth straightening system in the world. It has now reached 6 million patients including 1.4 million that are ...  Read More

  • Jan 11 Rivalry Intensifies with New Lawsuit Among Clear Aligner Companies

    A new lawsuit intensifies the rivalry between clear aligner companies. The two companies involved in the federal lawsuit are 3Shape and Align Technology.  The suit is specifically against Align Technology for allegedly illegally blocking ...  Read More

  • Jan 11 Invisalign Leads Teeth Straightening Boom

    Invisalign leads the industry with 1.3 million people worldwide expected to begin treatment this year. Remember the days of standard metal braces? As a teenager, your only choice for straightening your teeth was probably conventional braces. ...  Read More

  • Jan 01 New Year’s Resolutions for Invisalign Teeth Straightening

    Social media is here to stay, and that means you are going to be smiling in pictures more than ever before. Chances are you already have thousands of pictures on social media at this very moment. A straight, beautiful smile is required in our ...  Read More

  • Dec 11 5 Tips to Consider when Starting Invisalign in NYC

    Your journey with Invisalign is just beginning! Invisalign is an effective treatment that teens and adults choose as their number one option to straighten their teeth. It’s convenient, allows you to eat all of your favorite foods, and usually ...  Read More

  • Dec 07 How to Choose the Right Teeth Whitening Treatment for You

    White teeth are high in demand in society today. Gone are the days of just whitening your teeth to look good at a special event, today’s world demands everyone to have a bright white smile. Generally, this is due to social media, and the ...  Read More

  • Dec 07 How to Get Over the Fear of Straightening Your Teeth

    Ouch! Many people only think of the pain someone must feel while getting their teeth straightened. Unfortunately, the fear of pain is the number one reason people never go through with the process, which doesn’t hurt as much as one might think ...  Read More

  • Dec 07 Top 5 Tips for Enjoying Holiday Treats with Invisalign

    The holiday season is here, and it’s time to celebrate and indulge in delicious treats. Common holiday treats that are available around this time of year are sweet treats such as cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes and a variety of desserts. You want ...  Read More

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