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Should You get Your Teeth Straightened at a NY Strip Mall?

Achieving your goal of a beautiful straight smile couldn’t be easier these days but are you putting your oral health in danger? A consumer alert sent out by the American Association of Orthodontists warning people about strip mall companies like SmileLove, Candid Co. and SmileDirectClub is revealing the truth about these strip mall businesses.

NY consumers might find it convenient for their busy schedules to straighten their teeth while shopping for shoes at the mall, but it’s risky. These famous teeth straightening clubs lack a very important aspect that licensed Orthodontists provide consumers which is individual care and attention. A quick scan of the mouth at a strip mall should never replace the in-depth care offered by a professional.

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C.

Dr. Jacquie Smiles started her career in orthodontics/dentistry at Boston University and after graduation became the first female and youngest Director of B.U.’s Predoctoral Orthodontic Department. She is now part of the Invisalign prestigious faculty department, this means she is among one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the world, offering her patients in NYC the best quality of care and teeth straightening.

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Every patient has their own unique situation when it comes to their teeth. A scan at the mall might reveal how to straighten the teeth but what about the underlying issues that aren’t detected? Sometimes wisdom teeth need to be removed, or cavities need to be taken care of before teeth straightening is a possibility. The strip mall scanner isn’t going to help consumers with their real oral problems.

Standard metal braces were the most common procedure used to straighten teeth. Today, clear aligners that are removable and easy to clean are in high demand and are the fastest-growing category in the orthodontist market worldwide. Invisalign, the leading brand in the industry has successfully served over 5 million patients. This particular brand produces 80% of the market for clear aligners.

Invisalign is at the top of the industry due to the incredible success their aligners provide. These aligners have always been available through an Orthodontist office and accompanied with professional care throughout the procedure. The company losing exclusivity on 40 patents have allowed strip mall teeth straightening clubs to gain access to the products. The problem is, strip malls don’t provide a licensed Orthodontist with years of experience and guidance for the patient. Strip mall clubs generally treat the “patient” as a customer and never see them again after their first initial scan. The aligners arrive in the mail at the consumer’s address, and they are used as directed.

This might sound great and convenient for those who don’t want to spend time at Orthodontist appointments but what happens when you start experiencing unusual pain due to the treatment? Some teeth straightening patients experience pain from time to time due to the gradual movement of the teeth. This usually results with an appointment at an orthodontist office to oversee the situation and make adjustments.

All NY consumers or potential patients of strip mall teeth straightening procedures need to be alerted that complaints by the main orthodontists’ trade association, which include 36 state dental boards and attorneys general, have been filed against SmileDirectClub, the leading strip mall teeth straightening company. Surely there will be more complaints to follow.

Don’t become a victim of strip mall teeth straightening companies. Instead, consult with a licensed Orthodontist with extensive experience. Dr. Jacquie Smiles says, “What I do with my patients is the perfect balance between science and art. The end of treatment is always the most rewarding when I witness how my patients sit up a little taller in my dental chair and become more confident, radiant and expressive.”

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To schedule your teeth straightening in NYC, please call 212-972-3522 or fill out the contact form to get started today! You may also visit our office at 30 East 40th St @ Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016.