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Here Comes The NYC/NJ Bride

Here Comes The Bride and Her Perfect Smile

Tis the season for weddings! Wedding season is in full effect and we know that the months leading up to your big day can be extremely stressful. The “to do” lists are never ending and each task is equally as important as the next. It can be easy to let some tasks fall through the cracks. As one of the most important days of your life draws closer, the dress is bought, tux’s and flowers ordered, venue, disc jockey, limos and photographers are all booked. Now it’s time to focus on the most important person of the day, which is YOU. Every bride wants to look her absolute best as she is the focus of attention and it is important to get yourself picture perfect for your photos that will last a lifetime. Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life and you should be able to flaunt a smile that is as white as your dress and sparkles just as much as the diamond on your finger!

Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers a variety of easy and affordable treatments to give you the million dollar smile you deserve to have on your big day.

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening: In office teeth Whitening offers immediate results, whitening your teeth an average of eight shades in a little over an hour, all while you sit back, relax and watch your favorite tv show in our comfortable state-of-the-art office and leave with pearly whites! If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, we offer Zoom Take Home Teeth Whitening. This patent pending gel whitens your teeth an average of six shades lighter within three days, giving you a brand new smile! Whether treatments are done in office or at home, teeth whitening systems at Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers longer lasting results in a shorter amount of time than any other teeth whitening treatments on the market. All teeth are treated simultaneously minimizing discomfort and sensitivity allowing you to achieve your dream smile in a snap of a finger.


  • Plaque HD- Professional Plaque- Identifying toothpaste: Often plaque is very challenging to identify and remove, but with Plaque HD’s Targetol Technology you can effectively remove plaque from your teeth, boosting your confidence and the freshness of your breath when greeting all of your guests. By specifically targeting areas missed during brushing, this specialized toothpaste prevents permanent stains and tooth discoloration as well as fights cavities, and prevents gum disease, improving overall oral hygiene.


Are you getting ready for your big day? Whether you are getting married or you are standing alongside one of your oldest besties, your smile will be captured and frozen in time for generations to see. Achieve a flawless smile for the wedding day with cosmetic dentistry procedures for brides and bridesmaids in NY and NJ.

Brides & Bridesmaids Have The Ultimate “To-Do” list…

-And it is all about the details.

What have you checked off?

Many brides-to-be are adding the services of an orthodontist to their wedding planner list.

  • Romantic, Designer Dresses
  • Flowers & Floral Bouquets
  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • Hair Trials/Appointments
  • Delicious Catering
  • Last-minute Seating chart
  • Wedding Photographer!!!!
  • Jacquie Smiles Cosmetic Bridal Consultation

*You have to look your best for the wedding photos… Let Dr. Jacquie Smiles hand deliver the smile of your dreams for a lasting memory every time you open your wedding album.

The picture perfect smile would complete this perfect picture day (Say that 3x fast)!

Come in for a complimentary consultation and enhancement imaging to virtually create your bridal look, complete with the optimal bridal smile. We have several convenient locations throughout NY and NJ areas. A smile is the ultimate gift that will continue to give throughout your special day!

Smiles, Love & Laughter With a Happy Ever After… That’s the Dr. J Way!