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Buzzfeed White Smile Bridal Tips

Ultimate Smile Shows Happiness

To Do “I DO” Check List

-And it is all about the details.

On Every Bride’s Agenda Should Include:

What have you checked off?

*Romantic, Designer Dresses
*Flowers & Floral Bouquets
*Manicure & Pedicure
*Hair Trials/Appointments
*Delicious Catering
*Last-minute Seating chart
*Wedding Photographer
*Disc Jockey
*Cosmetic Orthodontic Bridal Consultation

White is the color for weddings; white dress, white flowers, white cake, but what about white teeth? While brides often times devote the entire wedding planning process to making her guests comfortable and happy, they often forget to pamper themselves in the process. After all, the memory of your fabulous wedding will live on in your wedding photos. Let your beautiful smile be a reminder of how amazing your big day was!

While a bride’s smile should be as white as her dress, there are so many other elements that contribute to a perfect smile. An accelerated orthodontic treatment is perfect for busy brides looking to make a lasting impression. Don’t let an underwhelming smile control how you feel on YOUR day. Remember how confident and stunning you felt when looking how happy your smile looked in your wedding photos. Request for your free consultation today ladies, you deserve it!

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