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Everything to Know About Teeth Whitening from a Dentist

Do you drink coffee, wine, tea or juices? The truth is almost every drink and food can stain your teeth. These stains can build up, get darker and make your smile look yellow or brown. Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested services dentists hear most. There’s a good reason for the request and it’s called, “social media.” Below you find out everything you need to know about teeth whitening myths from Dr. Jacquie Smiles, an NYC orthodontist.

Generally, people want white teeth to look great in person and have a beautiful smile. However, the high demand for super bright white teeth started about 10 years ago when social media became popular among society.

“The first time you whiten your teeth it removes surface stains, but as you continue with treatment the actual color of the tooth becomes lighter, sometimes even lighter than the original color.” 

In today’s world, everyone wants to look their best for confidence reasons and for pictures that get posted on social media accounts worldwide. Whether it’s your first time whitening your teeth or your hundredth, it’s time to discuss some common teeth whitening myths!

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Myth #1 – Your Teeth Can’t Get Whiter Than The Original Color

According to Dr. Jacquie Smiles, “The first time you whiten your teeth it removes surface stains, but as you continue with treatment the actual color of the tooth becomes lighter, sometimes even lighter than the original color.”

Myth #2 – Whitening Your Teeth Isn’t Safe 

A large number of the population are convinced that whitening teeth isn’t safe. This myth was born from fear of the unknown when teeth whitening first became popular. This common fear was also validated when some consumers tried to use unusual products at home to whiten their teeth but ended up destroying their enamel and discoloring their teeth. Dr. Smiles says, “professional whitening treatment is extremely safe when done properly.” Dr. Smiles has also created the ultra-safe and effective Pop & Prime whitening pen. It’s the only specially formulated whitening pen on the market that doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity.

Myth #3 – Results From Whitening Are Only Temporary

Many consumers complain about how their beautiful white teeth get stained again and they need to repeat whitening treatment more frequently than expected. The truth is, whitening your teeth makes a permanent change to the color of the teeth but upkeep is required to maintain a healthy bright smile. This means when you receive in-office professional whitening treatment, you need to take extra care to maintain a white smile. This means using a whitening pen after consuming your favorite wine, coffee, tea, and other drinks.

As long as you eat or drink whitening your teeth are going to be an ongoing process. You can’t expect to whiten your teeth one time and expect it to last forever. Everyone needs to eat and enjoy that much-needed glass of wine every once in a while. You can enjoy your favorite foods and still maintain a white smile as long as you understand you will need to follow up whitening treatment at some point. Professional teeth whitening treatment that are done in an office is professionally supervised and performed to ensure the best results!

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