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Summer is ending and it’s time to get the kiddos ready to go back to school! It’s wise to be prepared for new adventures and possibilities but taking care of your children’s teeth is a major task that often gets overlooked once the school year starts. 


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Get your kids smile ready for the new school year

You might have spent summer telling your kids to brush after every meal but while they are at school you lose control over their dental hygiene habits. The good news is, you can still take care of your children’s teeth during the new school year by following the checklist below.

  • Schedule a check-up – Getting your children a check-up sets the foundation for dental treatment throughout the school year and helps give you a clear vision of their overall oral health and future needs. Learning possible dental treatment that will be required during the school year will help you plan accordingly.
  • Carry travel size dental care – Create a travel size dental care kit for your children to use at school. Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash in a zip lock bag or clean pencil bag for your kids to keep in their backpack. Encourage your children to use the kit after lunch.  
  • Protect against injuries – Students that are involved in sports at school need to protect their teeth from injury or damage. Invest in a custom made mouthguard that fits perfectly and feels more comfortable compared to the standard design.  Children are more likely to use mouth-guards that are comfortable to wear.
  • Eat healthily – Your child will eat at least one meal at school. Pack a healthy lunch and a few sugar-free snacks to get them through the day. Celery or carrot sticks are an excellent option because they contain water and increase saliva production. Avoid providing sugary snacks or drinks since the opportunity to brush afterward is limited.  
  • Pack a bottle of water – Staying hydrated and drinking water throughout the day helps keep the mouth clean and fight bacteria growth. Fresh clean water is recommended. Avoid flavored waters that contain sugar. There are plenty of water bottle options available at stores and online that feature different colors and designs to make carrying a water bottle fun for kids.

Back to School Orthodontic Tips for Braces

Here are some of the tips for patients who are currently wearing clear aligners, Invisalign and traditional metal braces:

  • Create a kit – Your children can take proper care of their braces while at school by using a convenient kit. A care kit is easy to create by including toothpaste, toothbrush, extra elastics, floss threaders, proxy brushes, and dental floss, plus any other items your child needs for their specific needs.
  • Carry orthodontic wax – There’s nothing worse than a wire breaking and poking into the cheek all day while your child is at school. It’s painful and can be distracting throughout the school day. Pack orthodontic wax in your backpack to use as a temporary fix. Teach your children how to use the wax to ensure they apply it properly while at school.
  • Pack lip balm – Some children feel self-conscious about their lips sticking or getting caught on their brackets while they speak. Lip balm helps the lips glide over the brackets effortlessly and helps your children remain self-confident. Pack lip balm in your child’s backpack in an easy to reach place to encourage them to use it often.

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