Dental Monitoring with Invisalign

Do you have a busy schedule for your Invisalign clear aligners?

Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers her patients a more convenient treatment with the new dental monitoring app to help straighten teeth and improve smiles without regular orthodontic office appointments in NYC.

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a cutting-edge mobile app that makes it easy to improve the quality of orthodontic treatment with Invisalign aligners for busy NYC patients. Now you can track your progress and achieve a healthy smile more conveniently without regular in-office appointments. 

Interested in learning more about remote dental monitoring to save time with fewer office visits? Please call us 212-972-3522 or fill out our convenient contact form to receive more information.

Invisalign is a popular treatment because it is convenient and easy to use. Patients’ progress is monitored with a licensed orthodontist at an in-office appointment, but the Dental Monitoring app has introduced a new schedule-friendly alternative to traditional appointments.

How It Works

  1. Patients use the app to take intraoral selfies with their smartphones.
  2. Photos are then automatically sorted, cropped, organized, and stored for review.
  3. Dr. Jacquie Smiles will monitor your progress, predict the future movement of your teeth and will advise on further treatment recommendations.

Adults and teens can learn to manage their time wearing the Invisalign aligners and be responsible for keeping up with a schedule with the dental monitoring app and their treatment to help straighten teeth and improve smiles.

With the remote dental monitoring through the app, Dr. Jacquie Smiles and her team of orthodontists can now make your Invisalign treatment more convenient and hassle-free.

Improving your smile can now fit into your busy NYC schedule with Invisalign and the Dental Monitoring app with Dr. Jacquie Smiles.

Dr. Jacquie Smiles and her team of orthodontists in NYC are here to help you achieve your best smile with teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign aligners with dental monitoring app.

Learn More

Interesting in learning more about dental monitoring with Invisalign in NYC to help you save time and improve your smile? Please call us 212-972-3522 or fill out our convenient contact form to receive more information.