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5 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to get Teeth Whitening

Winter is arriving soon, and it’s the perfect time of year to whiten your teeth. A bright smile is needed for all of those holiday pictures you will be taking with your friends and family. You don’t want to look back at your social media accounts to see your yellow teeth in every holiday picture. Since teeth whitening doesn’t take long to accomplish, winter is the time to do it!

  1. Holiday Season

The holiday season is quickly approaching; this means your days will be filled with shopping, get-togethers with friends, office parties, family parties and meeting people for the first time. The holiday season is one of the most popular times when you are exposed to meeting new people, and a first, impression is highly important. You always want to put your best foot forward and reveal a bright white smile.

  1. Family Reunion

In today’s world families are living further apart than ever before. The holiday season is the one time of the year when families do their best to reunite in one place. Whether you plan a family winter vacation or choose to meet at your parent’s house to see the entire family, your presence will be admired. Chances are you haven’t seen your family all year, and when you do, it’s essential to look your best. A white smile goes a long way and reveals healthy bright teeth.

  1. Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are part of the winter season. Some people find themselves attending several parties throughout the winter which means you will be laughing and smiling in crowds of people. Nothing is more embarrassing than someone laughing and suddenly stopping to look at the yellow stains on your teeth. Whitening your teeth just in time to enjoy holiday parties is a must for the holidays.

  1. Exposure to Food

Family meals, red wine, desserts, and other teeth-staining foods can discolor your teeth quickly during the holiday season. Beginning winter with white teeth will give you an excellent foundation to maintain during the holiday season. After getting professional teeth whitening treatment, you can easily maintain your bright smile by using a teeth whitening pen developed by Dr. Jacquie Smiles. It’s convenient, on-the-go, easy to use and doesn’t cause tooth sensitivity.

  1. New Beginnings

The New Year arrives during the winter season, and many people prepare for a fresh start to the New Year. Teeth whitening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to begin your self-improvement process. A professional whitening treatment brightens your teeth better than any over the counter options. A bright white smile will improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

Everyone always wants to look their best, and a white smile is one of the most important ways to improve your appearance. Sometimes you can look great, have the perfect hairstyle, excellent makeup application and designer clothes, but if you smile and expose yellow stained teeth, it can bring your entire look down along with your self-confidence. So, keep yourself looking great with a white smile and allow the rest to complement your best feature, your pearly whites. Do it now! Contact us for an appointment today!

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