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11 Ways to Protect Teeth from Red Wine Stains [Infographic]

Do your teeth get stained when you drink red wine? If you have ever enjoyed a night out sipping red wine and suddenly became horrified at your reflection in the mirror, it’s time to protect your teeth and yourself from this embarrassment. Red wine contains pigment-producing ingredients that adhere to enamel and stain teeth. Tannins in red wine are specifically responsible for helping it bind to teeth.

Before you give up drinking your favorite Merlot, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon, view the infographic below created by Dr. Jacquie Smiles, top-rated orthodontist in NYC, about ways to protect your teeth from red wine stains. 

1. Brush Your Teeth Before You Consume Wine

If you know you will be drinking red wine brush your teeth before you leave the house. It helps remove plaque from the surface of teeth. Plaque is known to easily absorb color pigments in wine and food.

2. Floss to Remove Plaque Before Sipping Wine

Plaque hides in between teeth and causes red lines to appear in the crevices. Carefully floss your teeth to lessen the risk of red lines forming in between teeth.

3. Sip Sparkling Water in Between Glasses of Wine

Sparkling water washes wine away from the surface of teeth and prevents it from staining. Alternate wine and sparkling water to help wash away wine residue on teeth.

4. Eat Cheese as You Drink

The ingredients and texture of cheese close micro-pores on the surface of teeth and creates a protective barrier. Carefully bite into the cheese slowly to assure your teeth get coated and close the micro-pores.

5. Snack on Vegetable Based Appetizers while Drinking Red Wine

Restaurants usually pair appetizers with wine. Choose vegetable-based appetizers such as broccoli, spinach, and Brussel sprouts. They contain fiber that increases the production of saliva and helps wash away red wine stains.

6. Drink Wine Out of a Straw

Drinking red wine out of a straw limits contact with the surface of teeth. Choose a short straw or ask the waiter to cut a regular size straw down to size so it looks as elegant as possible sitting in the wine glass.

7. Use a Petroleum Based Lip Gloss

Teeth aren’t the only thing that gets stained when drinking wine. Your lips do also. Using a petroleum-based lip gloss creates a barrier between lips and teeth. The texture of the lip gloss catches the tannins in the wine which has a high binding capacity to the surface of teeth. The lip gloss protects your lips and your teeth from red wine stains.  

8. Wait at Least an Hour After Sipping Red Wine to Brush Your Teeth

Red wine contains acid that adheres to the surface of teeth. Waiting about an hour after sipping red wine to brush your teeth reduces the risk of damaging and staining tooth enamel.

9. Chew Gum Afterwards

Keep a pack of your favorite gum in your pocket or purse. After you finish sipping wine and eating dinner, discretely chew the gum. The chewing action produces saliva that helps wash away stains from teeth plus helps freshen breath.

10. Use Teeth Wipes Afterwards to Remove Stains

The dental industry is always creating innovative ways to help people protect and care for their teeth. These handy wipes prevent red wine stains from forming on the surface of teeth and an easy go-to during an emergency.

11. Use Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Professional teeth whitening by a cosmetic dentist is much more effective, safer, more comfortable and less aggravating than whitening with a store-bought kits. Learn more about Zoom! Whitening.

Red wine stains on teeth is a common issue among wine connoisseurs. Preventing teeth from getting stained with red wine is possible when using the tips listed above combined with professional teeth whitening services. If you want immediate results, Zoom! Whitening system is an in-office procedure in NYC that uses proprietary technology to whiten teeth up to eight shades. Those red wine stains will disappear! Call 212-972-3522 or filling out the contact form to receive additional information.