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The 5 Benefits of Professional Tooth Whitening


The smile is the first thing people notice about others. Sometimes, it can even leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re on a first date, job interview, or sales meeting, your smile is of significant importance. If you’re unsatisfied with the condition of your teeth, your orthodontist may offer in-office or at-home whitening treatments to enhance your smile. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a professional tooth whitening treatment with your dental professional:

  • Incomparable whitening capabilities. Professional tooth whitening treatments can significantly improve the color of your teeth. Unlike whitening toothpastes, or mouthwashes that contain whitening agents, it treats more than just the surface layer of your teeth. Professional whitening penetrates the deepest layers of your teeth to remove severe tooth stains. These stains can include those caused by consuming dark-colored foods and drinks (such as coffee and black tea), taking certain medications, previous dental restorations and large fillings, and fluoridation.
  • Long lasting results. In addition to providing a significantly whiter smile, than is usually attainable with over-the-counter whitening products, professional tooth whitening offers longer-lasting results. You can attain a whiter, healthier looking smile that lasts by getting Zoom! Whitening, or another professional whitening treatment done by your orthodontist. Individuals, who are treated with Zoom! Whitening, are able to whiten their teeth by up to eight shades in a single session. For those who have professional whitening done with custom trays, results are typically seen within in a few days.
  • Less sensitivity. Over-the-counter whitening toothpastes, strips, and bleaching kits use harsh chemicals and abrasives to whiten your teeth. This can lead to tooth and gum sensitivity when your teeth are exposed to heat or cold. Professional tooth whitening, however, decreases the risk of sensitivity that is associated with at-home treatments.
  • Convenience. If you’re in need of a dental procedure, such as a filling, dental implant, bridge, etc. (where the color is matched to your existing teeth color), professional whitening before hand can give you the opportunity for a white smile after your dental procedure. If your not happy with the color of your teeth, simply have professional whitening done before your procedure. This way, the affected tooth may be matched to your newly whitened teeth! Convenient, right?
  • Increased confidence. When your teeth are beautifully white, you smile a little wider. It’s true; people tend to have more confidence when their smile is healthy and white. With professional tooth whitening, you can experience a boost in confidence. Just the kind of boost to help you out on your next date, job interview, or sales meeting! Well, insert any moment of your choice, and we bet you’ll be smiling with confidence.

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