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Top Tricks for Keeping Your Smile Ageless





One way to keep yourself looking youthful is to take care of your smile. The following top tricks will assist in keeping you looking both young and attractive. Because a smile is one of the most eye-catching features of the face, you want to make sure that it looks its best. With today’s dental innovations, you do not need to settle for teeth that are chipped, stained or out of alignment. You can enhance your self-image with the following dental treatments.


#5. Teeth Whitening Gives the Smile Back its Glow

Teeth whitening brightens teeth that have become discolored or stained because of age. The service, when provided in the dental office, can be done in less than two hours. You can also use take-home gel that will whiten the teeth over a span of a couple weeks. You can obtain an ageless and picture-perfect smile with whiter and brighter teeth.

#4 Bonding and Enamel Shaping

You can also enhance your youthfulness by taking care of broken, cracked, stained or chipped teeth by having them bonded. A tooth-colored bonding material is applied to the surface of the tooth. Bonding is a non-invasive and subtle method to enhance the smile relatively quickly and inexpensively. Sometimes enamel shaping is combined with bonding to modify certain teeth and make them appear more youthful.

#3 Get Rid of Excess Plaque with Targetol Technology

Plaque HD, with Targetol Technology, is a toothpaste product that assists patients in removing plaque residue from the teeth. This one-step, easy to use paste prevents gum disease, freshens breath and fights cavities. Targetol Technology reveals areas where plaque is missed during daily brushing. This type of product keeps your smile youthful as it fights cavities, prevents periodontal disease, safeguards dental work and freshens breath.

#2 Implants to Replace Missing Teeth

Implants provide permanent results for replacing missing teeth. The process works by connecting a manufactured tooth to a steel rod that is implanted into the bone of the jaw. The tooth, in turn, looks like a real tooth and functions exactly the same. This dental procedure can be used to replace several teeth or one tooth, depending on the need. While this therapy can be expensive, the teeth usually last for the life of the patient, enhancing one’s appearance and youthfulness.

#1 Orthodontically, the Best Way to Create a Youthful Smile is: EXPAND & ROUND OUT a Patient’s Smile

Orthodontic treatment can be a successful therapy, regardless of the age of the patient. In fact, one out of every five dental patients, who are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, is over the age of 21. Jaw surgery is sometimes required for adult patients as their jaws have stopped growing.

In some instances, periodontal treatment may be needed because of a loss of teeth or the breakdown of the bone that supports the teeth. Bone loss can limit the direction of tooth movement. Therefore periodontal treatment is a necessary therapy.

The appliances used for orthodontic therapy or teeth straightening are usually made of plastic, ceramic or metal. They can either be designed as brackets, which are bonded to the teeth, or are made to be removable. By placing a carefully monitored and gentle force on the teeth, the teeth begin to shift to the correct position.

If you want to keep your smile ageless, orthodontics can provide the solution. The wire in the brackets is less noticeable than it was in the past and the materials used today move the teeth and straighten them faster. The amount of time for realigning the teeth can range from one to three years, depending on the patient. Sometimes, early treatment procedures or interceptive therapy only lasts about six months.

Besides straightening the teeth, crowns, bridges and veneers can add youthfulness too. Cracked, weakened, or stained teeth can also be improved with this kind of the process.