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The Elements of the Iconic Smile Defined


A perfect, iconic smile is memorable. It mesmerizes people and provides an aspect to one’s appearance that is striking, if not stunning, in its effect. When you see that perfect smile, you are automatically drawn to the person – the symmetry is ideal and the teeth are rounded, clean and white. The two front teeth are just a bit longer than the other teeth and the smile is also wide. No spaces are seen unless that is the wanted and desired aesthetic. Not only do the teeth have a flirty appeal, the lips frame the teeth with a natural volume and impact.

Speed Up the Pace When Straightening Your Teeth

While not everyone can have that kind of smile, you can make the most of the smile you have or come close to the above-mentioned definition. You just need to find the right dentist and dental offerings. Besides teeth whitening services, you can achieve the ideal smile by straightening the teeth. One of the new dental offerings is AcceleDent – a therapy that accelerates the treatment time for Invisalign treatment.   Instead of wearing traditional braces for two years, this form of teeth straightening reduces the treatment time for adults and teens.

That is good news for anyone who wants to accelerate their orthodontic treatment.   Approved by the FDA, AcceleDent has been used by people over the world, numbering in the thousands. You too can accelerate tooth movement by as much as 50% using the pain-free appliance.

The AcceleDent process is unique as it uses an innovative technique known as Soft Pulse Technology® in order to speed up the straightening and alignment process.  A specialized mouthpiece is worn that features a pulse activator for a period of 20 minutes a day. Gentle micropulses speed up teeth movement. The technology, which is patented, vibrates gently, to encourage the movement of the teeth, guided already by the existing orthodontic aligners.


You Need to Make a Commitment

For you to obtain maximum benefits for using the AcceleDent technology, you need to make the aforementioned 20-minute commitment each day. If you want that iconic symmetrical smile that perfectly aligned teeth display, then you need to review your options for orthodontic treatment complemented with AcceleDent technology.

The Advantages of Speeding Up Orthodontic Therapy

The technology offers the following benefits –


  • Can be used by both adults and teens
  • Cuts orthodontic treatment time in half
  • Faster movement of the teeth without compromising aesthetics
  • A lightweight and comfortable appliance and device
  • Hands-free configuration makes it possible to watch TV or read while using the accessory


You are the ideal AcceleDent candidate if you want to obtain the health and aesthetic benefits of teeth straightening in a faster amount of time. Before you take the step, you need to make a consultation to see if are the right candidate. Other methods for obtaining that ideal smile include teeth whitening and cosmetic enhancements, such as veneers and implants.