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Teeth Straightening Today Can be Likened to a FED-EX Delivery on Christmas Eve

Teeth straightening has taken on some new dimensions, thanks to the process called AcceleDent. At this time of year, you may have put a rush on buying some of your holiday gift. You can also follow suit by quickening the pace of your orthodontic treatment plan.

A Speedy Alternative to Teeth Straightening Procedures

AcceleDent is a new treatment option that is offered here in New York to speed up the treatment time for both orthodontic appliances and braces. That is exciting news as you don’t have to wear traditional braces for the regular two-year period. Instead, children, teens and adults all can realize straighter more attractive time in as little time as 11 or 12 months.

This fast approach to straightening the teeth is FDA-approved and has been successfully incorporated into orthodontics around the world. Patients certainly can set some teeth-straightening speed records using this innovative treatment approach. AcceleDent speeds up tooth movement by as much as 50% with only the use of a notably pain-free appliance. Patients can use the appliance with orthodontic braces or orthodontic appliances, such as Invisalign.

How the Therapy Works

So, how does this amazing treatment process work? AccleDent makes use of a special mouthpiece that is equipped with a pulse-type activator, known as SoftPulse Technology™. The appliance fits around the existing braces or appliance and then gently vibrates to shift the teeth in the gums. The braces or appliance is used as a guide. However, AcceleDent will not work without the patient’s cooperation. Patients need to spend an average of 20 minutes per day using the AcceleDent appliance..

An Easy, Hands-free Process

The AccleDent appliance is simple to use as you only need to press the mouthpiece, which is removable, into an activator. Bite down securely to hold the device in position before activating the appliance. You can read a book, watch TV or listen to an audio while the AcceleDent appliance is at work. The appliance can be operated totally hands-free.

Orthodontics or the use of Invisalign appliances is done in order to correct bad bites, straighten teeth and prevent future dental problems with cavities and gum disease. When orthodontics are combined with AcceleDent technology, specialized skills are needed in the configuration and application of the orthodontics being used. AcceleDent makes it possible to see tooth straightening and correction at almost a breakneck pace – a process that is supported by dental practitioners who have an additional four years’ training in the dental field.


All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait – Provided They Don’t Have to Wait Too Long

They say that all good things come to those who wait, whether at Christmas or by way of the orthodontist. You just don’t have to wait as long. If you would like to further discuss the process and cost, make sure you schedule an appointment before the New Year

Whether the patient is a child, teen or adult, the new technology behind AcceleDent will make the tooth straightening process just that much more streamlined. To find out more details, contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles’ office at 1-800- 888-STR8-SMILE to set up a consultation.

Review your goals for tooth straightening with you dentist once you have made an appointment. She can show you the wisdom of picking up the pace of the teeth-straightening process and wearing the proper appliances. Don’t put off what you can do today. That’s the type of attitude you want to have when you are using the AcceleDent appliance.