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Technologies Disrupting the Dental Industry

The American Dental Association lists fear, pain, and cost as the top reasons people avoid proper dental care. Consumers throughout the United States have been wishing and waiting for the moment that technology steps in and revolutionizes dentistry, and that time has arrived. The following innovative technologies are disrupting the dental industry!

Kolibree Intelligent Toothbrushes

This French company raised $5.7 million that went towards the design and development of intelligent toothbrushes for adults and children. The toothbrushes are equipped with a variety of technologies that help with preventive care. A 3D mapping of the jaw allows the user to see the areas on their teeth they miss the most. An app that connects with the technology of the toothbrush analyzes habits and provides coaching for better brushing and oral care. The children’s version of the technology includes a game used on a smartphone to make brushing teeth fun.

St. Renatus Dental Anesthetic Administering Procedure

The most common reason people avoid the dentist is due to fear of the giant needle used to numb the area so the procedure can begin. The sight of the needle often overshadows that some procedures are quite easy and quick. This company raised $14.7 million to develop a specialized anesthetic that gets administered through the nose. 

Kovanaze is the name of the anesthetic nasal spray that reduces the use of the needle. This product is a nasal spray and affects the upper and frontal part of the jaw.

Sonendo Gentle Wave Long-Lasting Root Canal Technology

This company is based in Laguna Hills and raised $170 million to design and develop long-lasting and efficient root canal treatment. Generally, a root canal involves using a tool to remove infected tissue hidden in microscopic places where the bacteria hide.

Sonendo’s GentleWave technology is designed to use sound waves to clean debris and disinfect the cavity by using sound waves. This tool uses various wavelengths that range from the small cellular scale to the large tissue scale. This technology is backed by clinical research and currently offers the technology treatment system to dental practices in the United States.

AcceleDent Technology that Speeds up Orthodontic Treatment

The company AcceleDent, also known as OrthoAccel, raised $63 million to develop technology that reduces treatment time by 50% for patients wearing standard braces or clear aligners. This technology received FDA clearance and is only available by prescription from an orthodontist.

The technology applies force to the teeth which mobilize bone cells and changes the bone structure. AcceleDent speeds up the process which uses gentle vibrations to increase cellular activity and speed up bone remolding.

Neocis Dental Implant Assistance Robot

This Florida company raised $17.4 million to develop a Yomi, a robot that assists with dental implants. This innovative and integrated system monitors the patient, plans the treatment and helps dentists be more precise. This FDA cleared technology starts with a CT scan of the jaw and allows the technology to determine the perfect placement for the implant. It then provides the dentist with precise on-screen guidance during the surgery.

New dental technologies are being developed every day. University research projects are being developed using cutting edge technology that involves X-ray alternatives, nano-robots, self-healing cavities and more. Many of the technologies that have already been developed are available to dentist practices located in the United States and beyond.