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Spring and Summer is the Best Time to Get Orthodontic Treatment in NYC

Chances are you waited a year or more to consider getting teeth straightening treatment for your child, tween, or teenager. Trying to find the perfect time to start your orthodontic treatment in NYC is quite tricky when you had to consider a global pandemic that interfered with dental office visits.

The good news is dentist offices in New York City are open and spring and summer is the perfect time to get started. 

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first office visit for children to be around the age of seven. You might have been on target with this recommendation or you might have surpassed it by years. The important thing is you get your child to the orthodontist as soon as possible to begin their teeth straightening journey. 

Most children are currently on spring or summer break from school. This means your child’s schedule is more relaxed compared to their busy school schedule and additional extracurricular activities.

This time off from school allows you to indulge in a lengthy and must-needed dentist office visit without it interfering with your child’s school day. 

A typical orthodontic consultation in NYC includes the following:   

  • A review of medical and dental history
  • A thorough oral exam
  • X-rays
  • Discussion about treatment options
  • A customized treatment plan
  • Scheduling a future appointment to begin treatment
  • Insurance and other payment options
  • A question and answer session regarding treatment 

As you can see this appointment can be longer than expected but spring and summer break allows you to take the time you need to have all of your questions answered. 

Why does beginning orthodontic treatment during spring or summer help?

Your child having control over their environment is the biggest benefit to starting orthodontic treatment during spring or summer break. Teeth straightening treatment requires your child to learn new oral hygiene methods and an adjustment period. 

Children who have standard metal braces deal with brackets and wires which take time to get used to wearing. Some children need time to learn how to eat while wearing their new braces. If your child is attending school during the early stages of wearing their braces they might avoid eating lunch or feel embarrassed about learning how to chew in front of their classmates. Being home from school allows your child to adapt to their braces in the privacy and comfort of their home. 

The situation is similar for teens that begin Invisalign treatment and need time to learn how to place and remove their clear aligners before and after eating. Cleaning the aligners is also mandatory which means your child will need to create a routine that is easier to do at home compared to being at school. 

What is Invisalign? 

You probably have already heard about Invisalign teeth straightening treatment from your teenager. Chances are they saw a commercial, learned about it online, or have friends that use Invisalign. If you aren’t familiar with this popular and effective teeth straightening treatment, you will be impressed with what you are about to learn. 

Invisalign teeth straightening treatment involves wearing removable clear aligners to gradually straighten teeth. This treatment is different compared to standard braces because it doesn’t involve any wires or brackets. Instead, the invisible aligners are made from flexible plastic that is custom-made for your child’s teeth and mouth. The FDA-approved aligners don’t contain any latex, BPS, BPA, or gluten. 

Invisalign is a unique plan that uses digital technology combined with the artistry of an experienced orthodontist. The result is a customized treatment plan that usually is shorter compared to the time frame for metal braces. 

Many kids and teenagers prefer Invisalign treatment because it gives them the freedom to remove them to consume their favorite food and beverages without any interference. The removable option also allows them to brush and floss easily. Studies reveal that 80% of teenagers will receive Invisalign treatment to straighten their teeth. 

The orthodontist will determine if your child or teen is an ideal candidate for Invisalign or if standard braces will be a better option. Spring and summer is the best time to get started.

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