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Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Best Celebrity Smile Makeovers



When it comes to the first rules of attraction, most often what comes into play is their smile!

Julia Roberts in particular stands out in this toothy category for her ideal grin which catapulted her career into super stardom. Her legendary, red carpet smile has been accredited for creating an instant connection between audiences and the camera with her mass appeal.

When you think of celebrity crushes and big names on the big screen, it is hard not to associate a killer, unique smile: big pearly white teeth in flawlessly straight alignment, a picture perfect grin that dazzles and bings like in a Tic-Tac commercial…

However, it is surprising to discover that not every celeb came to Hollywood with camera ready teeth! Million-dollar mugs are best left to the industry professionals or so I’m told. Many famous personalities and stars have gotten cosmetic dentistry to transform the appearance of their teeth. Some even acknowledge the change as a contributing ingredient leading to their optimal success!

If the following didn’t tackle their orthodontic concerns early on in their career, we might not have noticed their signature choppers or beautiful allure. Great-looking teeth are important for anyone’s confidence and achievements- especially actors, singers, politicians and even athletes. In fact, if you really just think about it we only know the names of hockey player’s who either still have all their real teeth or a really talented, and skilled orthodontist.

Your face is a product. You are trying to sell yourself to people every day. No matter what you do for a living, it is crucial to leave a lasting impression and have a trustworthy smile. Cosmetic dentistry options may include: bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns (caps), gum grafts, removal of teeth or gums, tooth structures, dental implants, and fixed bridges.

The proof is in the before and afters of these celebrities with smile makeovers. Let cosmetic dentistry inspire you to take great pride in your overall oral beauty and health. Everyone can benefit from this decision. Just ask theses people and their careers…











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