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Invisalign aligners are making braces an obsolete dinosaur

Over a half million patients have made the move from ordinary braces to Invisalign aligners and the number is growing every day!

Most Invisalign users ( especially kids) claim their biggest joy is the fact that the aligners are almost invisible. They are thrilled to know they will not be the target of mean jokes from their classmates. Plus they can take them out whenever they want to, so they can eat and drink with their friends with no embarrassment. Because there are no metal brackets, there is less irritation and not only the day-to-day aches and pains, but also the long, unending visit to the dentist while he adjusts the metal brackets without seeming to notice how much it hurts the kids. 

No surprises, no embarrassment with ugly metal in the mouth, and no painful visits in the dentist’s chair even if you are using the best power wheelchair.

Parents like it because of the special preparation in the preview visit. The Invisalign dentist uses advanced computer technology to set up a series of customized clear appliances, or aligners for both upper and lower arches. No two patients have the same plan, and this individual process assures them that their kids are getting the best procedure for their specific mouth and jaw structure.

Invisalign not only controls the forces of the aligners on the teeth, but also the timing. Only certain teeth are allowed to move at each stage, and this is planned in advance so that the parents and the kids know what to expect.

About Dr. Jacquie Smiles

In September 2005, Dr. Fulop-Goodling, a.k.a. Dr. Jacquie Smiles, became Invisalign ’s National Spokesperson for a hygiene campaign.
has taught over 10,000 orthodontists, dentists, orthodontic residents, dental students and their teams in multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world. She has lectured nationally and internationally from Hawaii to Japan.
Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling is one of the top 10 Invisalign doctors worldwide and has treated close to 2000 Invisalign patients, including Teens. Her practice offers four state-of-the-art locations in New York that cater to children, teens and adults. Her offices in Manhattan, Long Island and Monroe are all equipped with state-of-the-art computer imaging systems and digital radiographic equipment.