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I feel like I am on the home stretch. I also feel like getting an extra week in with my trays helped me out a lot. Tray 10 eased onto my teeth with no problem.

I also have a confession. I jumped five trays ahead to sneak a peek at my last tray (14) before refinements. Wow, do my teeth look straight in the end. I sure hope they fit in those trays. This week, I offer a retrospective look at my first 18 weeks with aligners, in numbers.

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How many people asked me if I am wearing Invisalign: 4
How many people asked me what was on my teeth: 6
How many of those people were under the age of 7: 2
How many people assumed I was wearing a mouthpiece during Muay Thai: all of them?
How many people questioned my hygiene and, instead of trays, thought I might have a nasty film on my teeth: 1 (he is since been schooled on how to talk to a lady)
How many aspirins I have taken: 2 (seriously, 2)
How many times I misplaced/lost my trays: 12
How many times I dug through the garbage looking for my trays: 4
How many times my trays were actually in the garbage: 1
How many attachments were placed on my teeth: 6
How many attachments are still on my teeth: 6
How many events I went to with my trays in, and left with my trays out every single one this summer and fall
How many events I missed because of Invisalign: 0
How many times I snapped my trays out in front of my boyfriend way too many
How many hours in 18 weeks: 3,024
Approximately how many hours I have worn my trays so far: 2,268-2,520
How many hours I have spent without my trays in: At least 504
How many times I have flossed in the last 18 weeks: 378
How many times I flossed prior to getting my trays: probably less than 100, and I am talking in my lifetime (I used to hate to floss)

Next up: I love them, I love them not.