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How to Keep Your Teeth White While Traveling During the Holidays

The holiday season has started, and it’s the busiest time of year to travel. Chances are you have a trip across the country or the planet at some point during the holiday season. You will be focused on travel arrangements, packing and getting to the airport on time. Just because it’s a busy time for you doesn’t mean your beautiful white smile has to suffer. The following information will teach you how to keep your teeth white while traveling during the holidays.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Before You Leave   

Schedule an appointment with your dentist to get in-office teeth whitening treatment. Zoom! In-office teeth whitening treatment can whiten your teeth up to eight shades and only takes about one hour and a half per treatment session. Professionally whitening your teeth before you leave for your trip provides a good foundation for maintenance.

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Pack Whitening Toothpaste

Use whitening toothpaste every time you brush your teeth, which should be at least twice per day, but preferably after every meal. Brushing helps remove tiny food particles as well as removes residue that has the potential of sticking to your enamel and causing discoloration. Pack a travel size whitening toothpaste in your carry on bag. Make sure you place it in the clear zip lock bag, and it meets the TSA requirements that are in effect during your trip.

Pack a Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth whitening pens such as Dr. Smiles Pop & Prime pen is an essential must-have tool you need to keep your teeth white during holiday travel. This beneficial and highly effective pen is lightweight, thin and small. You can pack it in the smallest carrying case or tuck inside a pocket of your luggage bag. Since TSA has strict rules about liquids and gels, you might have issues if you pack it in your carry on bag so make sure you pack it in your checked luggage bag to assure it will reach your destination safely.

Once you reach your destination you can carry it with you everywhere you go. It easily fits into a pocket, large wallet, purse, backpack and luggage bags. Use it after eating and drinking foods that cause discoloration and stains to your teeth.

Consider Whitening Strips

These handy little strips can be worn in private as you get ready for a holiday party, event or family gathering. The whitening gel removes surface stains that are often caused by food, drinks, and smoking.

Packing a dental travel kit is recommended. The holiday season meals include delicious food such as dark gravy, cherry pie, red wine, cranberry sauce and other items that discolor your teeth quickly. You need to pack a dental kit that includes a toothbrush, whitening toothpaste, a teeth whitening pen, whitening strips, whitening mouthwash, and floss. All of these items will help you keep your mouth healthy as well as your teeth white.

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Schedule an in-office teeth whitening treatment  

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