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Dr. Jackie Smile Invisalign Centers expand in the greater New Your area

Dr. Fulop-Goodling, better known as Dr Jackie Smiles, has expanded her current practices see addresses http://www.drjacquiesmiles.com/page/locations, branching out to nine more locations in the greater New York area.
Dr. Jackie, an Invisalign expert, is one of the leading figures in the quickly growing field of Invisalign ( the Invisalign Method uses virtually invisible braces, so unattractive and uncomfortable braces and wires are a thing of the past) and now many more people will have access to her Invisalign expertise. Aside from her expertise work at the practice, Dr. Jackie works also as a Spokesperson for Invisalign, gives seminars and trains Orthodontists nationally and internationally, and has several dentally related international patents.
It was Dr. Jackie who launched the Invisalign Teen Campaign on the Tyra Banks Show in 2009 a logical choice, as Dr. Jackie, a noted Invisalign expert, had been the Spokesperson for Invisalign for many years before that.
So why expand?
The need to expand has presented itself quite clearly for some time now, states Dr. Jackie. For me, there was a difficult decision to make. Should we expand the present locations that we have, or expand to new locations?
This led to quite a few brain storming sessions, where it became clear that both options brought a positive advantage to the communities and to the work force. However, we kept coming back to one key aspect which option is best for our clients? We decided to plot the locations of our customers, and saw that quite a few of our new patients were travelling quite a distance to visit us. Using this information, we were able to decide on several new areas. In nine new locations, we have joined hands with the local Chamber of Commerce and have seen very positive results in hiring local dental workers for our clinics. We have decided that, should we continue to expand in the future, we will also do so with the idea of what is in the best interest of our patients ?
So stop by, and ask to see the latest IOC Scanner, and how its digitally orthodontic impressions can give you that great unique Invisalign Smile http://www.drjacquiesmiles.com/