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A smile is the best accessory that a person can wear. Why not make sure that your smile looks its best so you feel comfortable flaunting it? It is very common for people to feel insecure about imperfections with their teeth – whether it be discoloration, chips, gaps or stains. Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers a variety of services in cosmetic dentistry to help you obtain the smile of your dreams and allow your confidence to soar!

Teeth Whitening – The most popular and common service of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, can whiten your teeth 8-10 shades lighter. You can achieve a brighter smile in the comfort of your own home or in one of our luxurious offices. When choosing our at home whitening system, impressions are taken of your mouth and once manufactured, the custom trays are filled with a bleaching agent that can be worn at your convenience. Our in-office whitening system has a stronger bleaching agent which is painted on your teeth and then sealed with plasma light, providing for stronger and quicker results.

Dental Tooth Bonding – If you are looking to change the shape of your teeth, close gaps, fix a chipped tooth, or improve the appearance of discolored or decayed teeth, dental bonding is a great option. A tooth colored resin material is applied to the tooth and hardened with a special light, bonding the material to your tooth and improving unwanted imperfections.

Gum and Enamel Re-contouring – Sometimes gums rest too high or too low on your teeth. This causes your teeth to either look too big or too small. This cosmetic procedure reshapes and evens out your gum line if you are unhappy about the appearance of your gums.

Porcelain Veneers – Dental Veneers give a complete makeover to your smile simply by using very thin custom made shells of tooth colored materials to cover the front surface of your teeth. These shells are bonded to your teeth changing the shape, size, and color and improving the overall aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Implants – The better alternative to bridges and dentures, dental implants are replacement tooth roots that provide a strong foundation for permanent replacement teeth (crowns). They look and feel like your own teeth because they are being fused with your bone. Implants are very durable and with good care can last a lifetime.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry and a full menu of services, please visit expert and celebrity orthodontist, drjacquiesmiles.com for a consultation at any of her four locations throughout the tri-state area.