All About Invisalign: The Invisible Way To Get Straighter Teeth

Invisalign is the most modern way to straighten your teeth, offering a practically invisible solution to a perfect smile. For years, metal braces with tight brackets and bands were the only treatment plan or technique used for all orthodontics patients, but thankfully there is now a simple, more convenient solution for many to eliminate the self conscious feelings that came along with correcting your smile. Invented by Zia Chishti, Invisalign became available in May of 2000. Since then, Invisalign has rapidly gained popularity, creating a flurry of questions surrounding this non-invasive teeth straightening option. Here we aim to answer your most pressing questions about Invisalign, including;  Is Invisalign right for you?

Dr. Jacquie Smiles is a 2014 Elite Provider

Dr. Jacquie Smiles is an Invisalign Elite Premier Provider and has been recognized as a top Invisalign provider every year since 2003. In September 2005, Dr. Jacquie Smiles became Align Technology’s National Spokesperson for a hygiene campaign. In 2009, she became a Spokesperson for Invisalign Teen treatment which was featured on the Tyra Bank’s show in June.

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How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a completely personalized experience. It begins with your orthodontist taking 3-D images of your teeth to create a set of Invisalign trays custom fit to your mouth. No two patients are the same, the process and amount of time you wear Invisalign will differ depending on your specific needs.


The straightening begins when your Invisalign aligner trays arrive. You may need anywhere from 11 to 45 different trays which you will change out about once every couple of weeks throughout the treatment plan. Made with clear BPA-free plastic, Invisalign trays are comfortable, safe, and virtually invisible in your mouth. Your orthodontist must regularly tighten metal braces, but with Invisalign you just switch out your trays when you are ready to progress for the next stage of adjustments in the comfort of your own home. The most discomfort will arise when you first put in your new trays because of the added pressure. This discomfort does not last long but is expected for every new set of aligners. Therefore, it is recommended that you change out your liners at night before bed, that way when you wake up in the morning much of the pressure is relieved. Since you should only remove your Invisalign to eat or clean your teeth, you should wear them at least 22 hours every day to avoid prolonged treatment.

6 Ways Invisalign Makes Your Life Easier

Traditional braces are much different than Invisalign. Metal braces require you to avoid eating certain foods that can damage your braces. You must also be careful brushing and flossing around the bands and brackets associated with traditional braces and cleaning your teeth becomes more difficult to maintain optimal and overall dental health and hygiene. All of these rules are tossed out the window with your Invisalign treatment, which is surprisingly low maintenance. Here are 6 reasons you will hardly notice you are wearing Invisalign, all the while earning a more gorgeous grin.

1. You Can Eat What You Want With Invisalign

One the greatest things about Invisalign is that the trays are easy to take in and out of your mouth, meaning you can remove them before eating a meal. This allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods as you usually would, without having to worry about getting food caught in a bracket or breaking a wire. Just be sure to clean your teeth and Invisalign before inserting your trays back over your teeth.

2. Spend Less Time Brushing Your Teeth With Invisalign

Cleaning your teeth with traditional braces can take an excessive amount of time if properly maintaining standard oral health. When done improperly you risk yellow or white spots forming on your teeth beneath your braces. Since Invisalign is removed while you brush and floss your teeth, you can clean as you normally would without the risk of missing certain spots.

3. Invisalign Is Safe for Sports

Traditional braces have metal hardware that can stab into your gums and cause injury in sports and other physical activities. Since Invisalign sits flush with your teeth and includes no hardware, it is 100% safe to run, play, and even fall!

4. Invisalign Equals Picture Perfect

It can take a couple years to completely straighten your teeth. During this time you are sure to attend an important event that includes lots of photography and documenting special memories. If you are wearing your Invisalign, no one will ever notice, allowing you to smile wide for the camera no matter the occasion.

5. Invisalign Is Comfortable

Traditional braces can rub up against your cheeks, causing discomfort and canker sores. Since Invisalign clings tight to your teeth without any protruding hardware you will experience less discomfort. The German Department of Orthodontics recently conducted a study to see how happy patients were while wearing Invisalign. Turns out, 93% of study participants considered Invisalign so comfortable they didn’t experience any impairments at all. Even though Invisalign is more comfortable, it still gets the job done; 89% of the same study participants were pleased with the speed of their progress.

6. Reduced Orthodontist Visits With Invisalign Braces

Since Invisalign trays are switched out in the privacy of your home, you don’t have to visit your orthodontist for frequent adjustments, as with metal braces. Typically patients only need to visit their orthodontist about once every 6 weeks while wearing Invisalign.

Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign teenWith proper cleaning techniques, frequent trips to the dentist, and a whole list of foods you can’t eat, traditional metal braces are a lot of work. In reality, teens live busy lives that often lack the proper time necessary for maintaining braces. This can be stressful for parents, who must always stay on top of their kids about taking care of their braces. Invisalign makes life easier for both parents and the teens that wear them. As a parent you don’t have to worry about your teen eating the wrong things or playing physical sports, like football. Learn more about Invisalign Teen in NYC.

Teens love Invisalign too; with first dates, prom, and school pictures the last thing teens want to wear through all of these milestones are braces. Invisalign offers straighter teeth without the insecurities metal braces can cause. Let your teen take as many “selfies” as they please, without any metal getting in the way. Plus, since teens are notorious for losing things, Invisalign Teen offers 6 free replacement trays.

What Dental Issues Can Invisalign Be Used To Treat?

It’s a common misconception that since Invisalign is non-invasive and practically invisible, it can only treat mild orthodontics cases. On the contrary, Invisalign can treat most oral health alignment issues, from crooked teeth to overbites. Since Invisalign trays are made to fit your teeth specifically, they can be especially ideal if you only have a few misaligned teeth. Read our Invisalign FAQ to see answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Invisalign can be used to treat the following dental issues:

Gapped Teeth: During the development of your teeth gaps can form for several reasons. Prominent gaps leave portions of your gums unprotected, placing you at a greater risk for periodontal pockets and gum disease.

Crossbite: When your upper and lower jaw does not align, you have what is called a crossbite. This causes your upper teeth to clamp down on your lower inside teeth in at least one location. If left untreated, over time a crossbite can cause excessive tooth wear, bone loss and lead to gum disease.

Crowded Teeth: If your jaw is not large enough to accommodate all of your teeth, crowding will begin to occur. This causes your teeth to grow in crooked as they push up against one another, fighting for the limited space in your mouth. The longer teeth are allowed to crowd your mouth, the more crooked they will become. When teeth are pushed together like this bacteria has more places to hide, increasing your risk for plaque build up and other dental issues.

Underbite: Your lower jaw extending out past your upper jaw, causing your front teeth to sit in front of your upper teeth, characterizes an underbite. This can place excessive pressure on your jaw, creating discomfort, excessive tooth wear, and even TMJ disorder.

Overbite: When you close your mouth, if your upper teeth extends past your lower teeth you have an overbite. This can be solely a cosmetic issues but in some cases it can lead to gum issues, jaw problems and unnecessary wear on your lower teeth.

Open Bite: When your mouth is closed and your top teeth don’t reach to meet with your bottom teeth you have an open bite. Too much thumb sucking as a child or a genetic abnormality in your jaw structure can cause open bite. If not addressed this can lead to discomfort, TMJ disorder, speech problems, and difficulty chewing.

How To Clean And Take Care Of Your Invisalign Trays

Taking care of your Invisalign trays will help keep your Invisalign as low maintenance as intended to be. The main thing you need to do to keep your trays working productively is to regularly sanitize. To prevent an accumulation of bacteria, every time you take your liners in and out of your mouth, you will want to clean them. Think of it like this, if food is left trapped in your teeth and you reapply your trays, this food will be pushed down deep between your teeth and gums, increasing the decay process.

3 Steps to Clean Invisalign Trays:

1. Start by running room-temperature water over your Invisalign trays. You will want to avoid hot water because the plastic material trays are made with can change shape and formation if exposed to too high of heat.

2. Next, use a toothbrush with soft bristles to thoroughly clean both the inside and outside of your trays. Make small gentle circles to help remove any stuck on stains. Then rinse again. You may repeat the process if necessary.

3. Take a close look at your Invisalign trays, if you see any cloudy white film remaining this might be a sign of a calcium build up. Just like your teeth, liners can also build up with tartar. To remove this build up, let your trays soak in the Invisalign Cleaning System solution and it should dissolve.

Now that your trays are completely clean you can reapply without any risk for spreading bacteria. We recommend you go through this same cleaning process when you switch out your Invisalign trays every couple weeks, you will want to properly store your old trays in case you need them again throughout your treatment process. Whatever you do, don’t use mouthwash to clean your Invisalign trays—unless you want green or blue tinted retainers! The color pigment in mouthwash can actually stain Invisalign.

The Value Of Straight Teeth & A Gorgeous Smile

It’s not nice or even accurate to judge someone by his or her appearance, but in reality it happens everywhere you go. The brain naturally wants to categorize everything we come into contact with, and considering we make an initial judgment about someone within 3 seconds of meeting them, appearances are all we have to go off of. What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone? Study after study proves Americans tend to notice the appearance of ones’ teeth before anything else, in fact people remember your smile long after anything else.

A Kelton study asked 1,047 Americans to honestly rate the appearance of a series of people with a variety of teeth, from straight, to crooked and in between. While participants didn’t tend to mention teeth being the main difference in the photographs, they did give those with misaligned teeth less desirable scores. Participants also assumed that those with straight teeth held better jobs and lived an overall happier life. While someone with crooked teeth can live a great life, this study clearly shows how important people rank straight teeth.

Straight teeth are not only good for your reflection, when teeth are properly aligned and spaced within your mouth there is less chance for plaque to accumulate and other dental diseases to form. By giving yourself the gift of straighter teeth you can improve how others perceive you and prevent costly dental problems from arising. Straighter teeth will pay you back in so many ways! While traditional braces can be a pain, Invisalign is easy to use and costs about the same, making Invisalign well worth the investment.

Is Invisalign Right For You?

Invisalign is truly one of a kind, allowing you to live your life freely while still obtaining the straight teeth you’ve been dreaming about. Invisalign isn’t right for everyone, but it can effectively treat many orthodontics patients. Dr. Jacquie Smiles has been selected from over 55,000 practicing dentists and orthodontists as an elite provider of Invisalign. She is also considered among the top 1% of doctors in North America. To schedule your complimentary, no obligation Invisalign consultation in NYC to find out if Invisalign is right for you, please call us at [drj_phone location=”nyc”] or fill out the contact form to receive more information.

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