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A Less Than Perfect Smile in NYC?

Suffering from a less than perfect smile?

Suffering from a less than perfect smile?

You don’t have to.

With a variety of services on the orthodontic menu, there is never a reason to hide your smile or feel embarrassed when you enter a room.

Let’s face it, a smile is important. It is the absolute first thing people notice. An unappealing smile draws critics and keeps people reserved during interactions, while an inviting smile engages audiences and even has the power to change someone’s day around.

There are plenty of solutions available to aid in your quest for a picture perfect smile, even when no cameras are around.

Starting with orthodontics.

Orthodontics is a part of dentistry that specializes in creating a functional, healthy and beautiful smile. The practice of orthodontics requires professional skills in the design, application and control of corrective appliances to bring teeth, lips and jaws into proper alignment and facial balance. Dentists are required to have an additional 2-4 years of full-time education for an orthodontic specialty degree. That alone should tell you how essential the basic treatments and corrective techniques are in creating a stellar smile!

The Invisalign story.

The Invisalign story begins with a simple dream. An efficient way to produce straight teeth without metal wires and brackets. Invisalign can help you get the great smile you’ve always wanted so you can straighten your teeth without anyone even knowing… because it’s invisible! So now you can smile during treatment as well as after. The benefits revolve around accessibility and comfort. For instance, they are removable. So you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing and flossing are no problem. Another benefit of Invisalign is that you do not have wire adjustments… this means less time in the doctor’s chair and more time flaunting your smile!

Have you tried whitening!?

Whether you want your teeth whiter right now or over a few nights while you sleep, whitening in NYC is your answer for anyone who wants a brighter smile. In-office whitening systems use proprietary technology to whiten your teeth an average of eight shades in about an hour while you relax at an office. It’s ideal for anyone who wants immediate results.

Take-home whitening systems use a revolutionary gel in conjunction with custom trays to whiten your teeth an average of six shades in three nights. You may go even lighter with additional applications. Start on Friday and by Monday you’ll have a whole new smile. Why waste time with strips or paint-on gels? Get your teeth whiter in a fraction of the time with dental grade whitening systems!

New orthodontic procedures are always revolutionizing the industry and various whitening products that saturate and sweep the market. It is important to seek expert solutions from the certified professionals who stay up to date on the latest technological advancements and cutting-edge methods.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry and a full menu of services, please visit expert and celebrity orthodontist, drjacquiesmiles.com for a consultation at any of her four locations throughout the tri-state area.