During your 30-minute visit to Dr. Jacquie Smiles

During your 30-minute visit to Dr. Jacquie Smiles

During your 30-minute visit to Dr. Jacquie Smiles

During your 30-minute visit to our Midtown orthodontic office, you will talk to one of our orthodontists to talk about your smiles.


Talk to an orthodontist specialist

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C and her team of orthodontist specialists will learn more about you and discuss your customized treatment for that perfect smile you always wanted.

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Come visit our dental office located near Midtown at 30 East 40th St @ Park Avenue New York, NY 10016. Learn more about your orthodontic treatment and how to achieve successful results in less than 6 months.

Get your teeth scanned

We will design custom aligners by scanning your full mouth with our digital oral scanners. The scanning technology can allow for forecasts of what your mouth will look like after your orthodontic treatment with clear and invisible braces.

Before and After Photos

View before and after photos of NYC patients who had orthodontic treatments performed by Dr. Jacquie Smiles.

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Why Orthodontists are Concerned about At-Home Aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are the most popular teeth straightening option requested by patients in orthodontist offices. Paid advertising by individual orthodontists and the Invisalign company keep patients flowing into dentist offices to get their perfect straight smile. 

The Distributor

At-home aligners have been disrupting the industry by offering clear aligner teeth straightening treatment remotely and at a lower price. A surprising fact is that at-home aligners don’t need to worry about advertising because customers go on YouTube and make their own review videos that promote the company for free. 

One of the YouTube videos of the popular teeth straightening company has been watched by more than 900,000 people. The market opportunity for teeth straightening industry can reach 124 million potential customers located in the United States or half a billion worldwide. According to market prices, the total addressable market is almost $1 trillion worldwide. 

Local Dentist Reach

Local orthodontists don’t have the same market reach because their office is located in specific areas of the country and usually only locals visit the office. Unfortunately, not many patients think of making a YouTube video to discuss how great their orthodontist is and how Invisalign treatment has changed their life for the better. 

What are at-home aligners? 

You might be wondering how at-home aligners are disrupting the orthodontics industry. The best way to explain it is they provide a generic version of Invisalign clear aligner teeth straightening treatment without ever having to see the patient. 


Their direct-to-consumer approach hypes up the fact the patient never has to go to the orthodontist during the treatment process which often makes consumers happy.


Consumers are happy until there is an emergency with their treatment and they don’t know where to run when they experience severe pain due to issues with their aligners. 

All patients won’t experience pain but many consumers are willing to take the chance of not having access to an orthodontist just to lock in the lower price. 

Expired Invisalign Patent

Recently, Invisalign came off-patent and now orthodontists are finding their business model disrupted. Seeing an orthodontist for teeth straightening treatment is essential to getting the best results and care. Other teeth straitening companies send a kit to your house so you can take your own teeth molds and send them to a remote dentist that looks at them online and decides your treatment plan. 


Invisalign treatment that includes office visits and one-on-one attention with an orthodontist often costs between $5,000 to $8,000 while at-home clear aligners charges around $1,895 for their remote service. Consumers are attracted to the lower cost which made the company’s growing revenue reach $586 million in sales over the past four quarters. Revenue is expected to reach more than $1 billion over the next four quarters. 

Invisalign Cost

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At-home Aligners Cost

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Orthodontists Fight Back

The American Association of Orthodontists and the American Dental Association are concerned about getting undercut which has led to numerous lawsuits against the actions at-home aligners. 

The American Association of Orthodontists has taken extraordinary steps by running video ads explaining the reason consumers need to visit an orthodontist for teeth straightening treatment. 

Why choose a local orthodontist?

A highly important reason to see an orthodontist for clear aligner teeth straightening treatment is to eliminate any hidden oral issues that can become a painful situation during treatment. Sometimes teeth molds don’t reveal serious underlying issues such as gum disease and other serious problems. Taking molds of teeth in the comfort of your own home will never compare to professional attention and guidance offered by an orthodontist.

Orthodontists fear that consumers are getting misled by teledentistry companies and blinded by the convenience and low cost instead of focusing on their overall oral health and access to an orthodontist during treatment. 

Receiving Invisalign teeth straightening treatment at an orthodontist office is always going to be more beneficial due to the direct access to a licensed and experienced orthodontist. This will always remain true no matter how low at-home kits make their prices! 

About Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C., 

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C., also known to her patients as Dr. Jacquie Smiles is an NYC orthodontist, she became a spokesperson for Invisalign Teen treatment which was featured on the Tyra Bank’s show in 2009. Dr. Jacquie teaches and certifies students and orthodontic residents in many of our dental schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. She has also taught over 14,000 doctors, students and their teams in multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, and the Middle East.

LightForce Orthodontics 3D Technology

The world’s only fully-customized, 3D-printed brackets have arrived! LightForce unites orthodontic insight, digital treatment, and 3D printing to create the first significant advancement in bracket-based treatment protocol the world has seen in the past 50 years. 

The LightForce Company

In 2015, LightForce Orthodontics was created to research and design an individualized approach to bracket-based orthodontic treatment. Alfred Griffin III founded the innovative company and hypothesized that 3D printing technology could create a 100% customized prescription for patients. 

As soon as Griffin completed his exhaustive research and design studies, he patented a system for custom-designed brackets based on tooth morphology and anatomy using 3D technology. 

Dr. Lou Shuman, a key member of the Invisalign executive team was welcomed onto the team by Griffin. Shuman is a dental industry key opinion leader and successful entrepreneur that is highly valued by the LightForce team. Once Shuman joined the tam, hardware engineers, biomechanical engineers and software developers were added to the roster. 

The LightForce main office is located in Boston and continues to welcome engineering talent. In 2019, the company received FDA clearance which allowed the system to be officially launched in Los Angeles at the AAO Annual Session. 

How does it work? 

LightForce technology uses virtually identical material that is comparable to injection modeled ceramic brackets, but they are specially formulated for 3D printing which allows treatment to be customized to the patient’s needs. This innovative system provides strength and precision needed for orthodontic appliances, while at the same time offering development pathways for aesthetic options. 

Unlike traditional brackets with a prescription that is predetermined, the LightForce brackets are a patient-specific prescription due to the 3D-printed technology. The innovative brackets are tailored to the dental anatomy of the patient and a customized treatment plan is created to suit the needs of individuals.

Simple Interface

LightForce has an intuitive and simple online interface that is specially designed for efficient and fast treatment planning. Orthodontists don’t need to spend hours in front of a computer screen anymore instead the innovative interface does most of the work. 

Flexible Bracket Positioning

The fully digitally manufactured and designed treatment provides various bracket positioning to suit the need of each patient. The software is specially designed to maintain the straight wire goal while simultaneously avoiding occlusal interference.

The insightful software creates an ideal occlusion by providing orthodontists with 3D skeletal landmarks and information to create a customized treatment plan for each patient. The orthodontist has control over every aspect of the process. 

The LightForce system provides precise control of the final tooth positioning from the planning stage. Orthodontists have access to make adjustments directly on the 3D model in real-time. 

The proprietary mechanical base is designed for greater retention. The 100% mechanical base system is specially designed for reliable bonding and debonding. The proprietary under-loc™ retention mechanism provides a predictable and reliable bonding experience due to the deep undercuts capability. 

Orthodontists have full control of the entire procedure from beginning to end. Creating a customized teeth-straightening plan for patients has just become much easier with this new 3D technology option.

About Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C., 

Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C., also known to her patients as Dr. Jacquie Smiles is an NYC orthodontist, she became a spokesperson for Invisalign Teen treatment which was featured on the Tyra Bank’s show in 2009. Dr. Jacquie teaches and certifies students and orthodontic residents in many of our dental schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. She has also taught over 14,000 doctors, students and their teams in multiple areas of orthodontics throughout the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia, The Caribbean, and the Middle East.