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6 Ways Your Smile Reveals Your Feelings For Someone Before You Do

The philosophy behind the law of attraction is simple. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, individuals potentially have all of the power to invoke targeted experiences into his or her life from intuition.

Your smile plays a huge role in establishing the connection between how you are being perceived, both in approach and pursuit, as well as your relation to the universe. Many studies associate your smile with your level of confidence, while aesthetic experts attribute specific elements of one’s smile into the standard mold of what is to be considered signs of “classic beauty,” including large eyes, high cheek bones and supple lips.

Ultimately, a person’s smile speaks volumes without having to say any words. Politicians, movie stars and media people practice smiling in order to engage the public and create mass appeal. So do those in the hospitality business.

When it comes to the first rules of attraction, most often what comes into play is the person’s smile. Julia Roberts in particular stands out in this category for her toothy smile, which helped catapult her career into super stardom. Herlegendary, red carpet smile has been accredited for creating an instant connection between audiences and the camera with her mass appeal.

On a deeper level, your smile can also be a very important social cue for others to translate. Have you ever thought about all your various smiles throughout the day? The types of people you are attracting? How often do you do them, and in what circumstances?

In the easily forgettable, yet underrated rom-com “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!” Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth ignite their romance by acknowledging their personal non-verbal prompts by pointing out each other’s particular smiles.

In a quest to prove his love, Pete roasts Tad with his investigation,

Like do you know she has six smiles? One when something really makes her laugh. One when she’s making plans. One when she is laughing out of politeness. One when she is uncomfortable. One when she is making fun of herself. And one when… she’s talking about her friends.

Later on in shocking plot twist, Rosalee confirms her devotion by stating,

You have five smiles Pete. One when you think someones an idiot. One when you think someone’s really an idiot. One when you’re singing to Barry White. One when you’re getting all dressed up. And one when you’re looking at me.

As someone who has been described with the adjectives “overly smiley,” and who believes strongly in energies and the laws of attraction, I decided to investigate my very own distinct smiles. After quality research and analysis of my habits and behaviors, the results are riveting.

Here are six different smiles people commonly have and what they mean:


1. No-Teeth Squint

2. Awkward Smirk

3. Fake Grillin’

4. Genuine Gummy Grin

5. Semi-Posed Smile

6. Mouth-Open Double-Decker

So, next time you go to flash your teeth, make sure you understand what kind of message you are sending. Know your smiles, and know your audience. Ready, set, attract.

Is Your Smile Giving the Right First Impression to Begin the Year? What You Can Do to Enhance Your Smile

shutterstock_267656561Your smile is often the first thing people notice when you meet face-to-face, whether it is in person or over Skype. Therefore, you want to make sure you are making your best impression. You can begin the year with just the right “smile therapy”, and Dr. Jacquie Smiles will help you do just that!

Exacting the Perfect Smile: What You Can Do

One of the ways you can exact a perfect smile is by having your teeth whitened. You can also improve your smile by opting for porcelain veneers, undergoing gum or enamel re-contouring, or straightening your teeth. Any of these procedures can assist you in filling in gaps or correcting stains or chips as well as other dental imperfections.

Whiten Your Teeth for the New Year

Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can make strides you never thought possible that are effective, affordable and safe. This year is the year of your smile makeover in the form of either whiter teeth, straighter teeth, or better aligned teeth. One of the more popular requests that is made that falls under the category of cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening – a process that is represented by several whitening treatment systems.

In-office Whitening

You can choose to have your teeth whitened in the office or at home. It just depends on your budget and level of comfort. When you choose an in-office whitening, a stronger agent is applied and whitening is activated with a plasma light. Depending on the strength used, the agent can whiten and brighten teeth up to 10 shades lighter. This method is a fast and effective technique especially helpful to patients who do not want to wear a dental tray and desire immediate results.

Custom Whitening Trays

When trays of bleach are used, impressions of the teeth are taken, custom trays are fabricated and the trays are then filled with a whitening agent. The results usually can be seen in about three days. Different agents can be used and people with sensitive teeth tend to like this method. The process can be facilitated on patients after the full eruption of the second molar teeth, which happens when the patient is around 12 years old. The trays are worn at home during the process.

You will see immediate results when an in-office bleaching system is used. Therefore, this specific process is recommended for anyone who has apparent stains and wants to see the fastest results possible. Using bleaching trays is often advised for patients with less severe staining or who wish to find a more affordable method for whitening their teeth. Whichever bleaching technique you choose will give you the kind of results you never thought were possible.

Of course, as mentioned, you have other cosmetic options or procedures available to you. It just depends on your tolerance level and your preferences. Take time to schedule an appointment today to request your new smile makeover. A consultation is just a phone call away at 1-888-787-8764 (1-888-STR8-SMILE).

Introducing iTero Element Through Examiner

Dr. Jacquie Smiles is highly accredited for using the most revolutionary mechanics in orthodontic technology. She is often sought out by the elite media regarding high-tech advancements in technique, treatment and overall oral healthcare. Dr. Jacquie Smile’s and her skilled team leads the forefront of the industry by announcing the arrival of the brand-new iTero Intraoral Scanner. The latest innovation in precision imaging is synonymous for delivering patients with optimal and desired results successfully. It only make sense that a celebrity orthodontist with a specialty focus on cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign spokesperson, Dr. Jacquie Smiles would be the very first in the industry to provide her patients with an extremely cutting edge opportunity to progress their treatments effectively. Besides, getting the perfect bright, white and straight smile is always the ultimate goal inspiring individuals to seek the proper and the best orthodontic treatment.

“We have combined the accuracy and broad clinical indications of the iTero scanner’s advanced abilities with a simple and intuitive system that is designed to deliver an unparalleled customer experience,” said Timothy A. Mack, Align Technology vice president business development and general manager of iTero. “The development of the iTero Element scanner is a further step towards our vision of digital dentistry and providing our customers with best in class digital services.”

As of March 2015, iTero scans have been used in more than 1.2 million restorative crown, bridge, and custom implant cases and more than 1.3 million iTero orthodontic scans, including more than 600,000 Invisalign® scans.

Meet iTero Element

The iTero® Element™ is engineered specifically to layout a compact footprint providing even bigger capabilities than have ever hit the market. With exclusive integration of Invisalign Certified Connectivity and treatment application, the iTero Element has been designed to offer an absolute superior workflow alongside the traditional Invisalign program. With the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, a state-of-the-art, breakthrough chair-side application allowing experts to guide patients visually to project how their teeth may appear before approaching the end of Invisalign treatment ensuring expectations will be reach and outcomes with be exceptional.

For Full Article and Breakdown of iTero Element click here…

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