Our Offices

nyc-1Dr. Fulop-Goodling’s philosophy is making each patient feel welcomed and comfortable while straightening and whitening their teeth. Patients can sit next to their friends or spouses and have their treatments done simultaneously in Long Island or they can have complete privacy in separate luxury rooms in LI and/or NYC.

Her office on the North Shore of Long Island in Woodbury is colorful and playful with patients having access to their own TV’s, web surfing and video games.

Her office in NYC is a relaxing pearl oasis in a busy bustling city. It is a Spa influenced office specializing in a clear orthodontic technique known as Invisalign .

nyc-2Invisalign is the latest technique in computerized orthodontics and advanced orthodontic wires are also utilized in both offices. This allows her patients to increase the time between their visits from monthly visits to every 2-4 months, while seeing amazing results. Both of her offices are equipped with the latest computer imaging systems and radiographic equipment to show her patients their cases along with similar completed ones.

At your initial consultation, you are welcomed with a tour of her office and Dr. Fulop-Goodling will conduct a complete evaluation and discuss your concerns and the current treatment options available.