Best Chewing Gum When You Have Braces or Invisalign

Best Chewing Gum When You Have Braces or Invisalign

Best Chewing Gum When You Have Braces or Invisalign

Chances are you were super excited to get your aligners or Invisalign clear braces! However, your world probably came crashing down when you found out you need to eliminate certain foods such as hard candy and soda. You would be one of the lucky ones if your dentist approved chewing gum during your orthodontic treatment. The following list is considered to be the best chewing gum when you have braces or Invisalign clear aligners.

Gum with the ADA Seal

As a new orthodontist patient, you will become familiar with  the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. This seal shows that a specific product was tested for safety by the association. Gum that has the ADA seal is recommended for orthodontic patients.

Sugarfree Gum

Sugar is well known for causing cavities. Just think every time you choose gum that contains sugar you are putting your teeth at jeopardy. The candy and gum industry has created tasty treats without using pure sugar. The most popular sugarfree gum brands are Xylitol, XyloBurst, Orbit, Glee Gum, Peppersmith and Pür. You can find these sugarfree gum brands easily at your local grocery or convenience store.

Benefits of Chewing Gum

On occasion, throughout your life, you probably were told not to chew gum. Today, gum and candy manufacturers have removed the sugar that damaged teeth in the past. This means the action of chewing gum has benefits such as the following:

  • Stimulates saliva to encourage an overall healthy mouth
  • Removes bacteria from your mouth
  • Helps strengthen tooth enamel
  • Loosens and removes plaque from teeth
  • Whitens teeth
  • Combats anxiety and stress which helps prevent teeth grinding
  • Improves breath
  • Protects teeth

Can I chew gum every day?

Gum chewing obviously has plenty of benefits for your overall oral health. However, as with everything, moderation is essential to a healthy mouth. Chewing gum once per day after lunch or a snack is typical for most people. Generally, it’s to freshen breath because the person doesn’t have access to a toothbrush or the opportunity to rush off to the restroom to brush their teeth. Gum is an excellent solution for loosening particles and debris after a meal.

The one thing you don’t want to do is chew gum for the entire day. The general rule is to get rid of the gum as soon as it loses its flavor. Some people who chew gum for stress reasons often forget about the taste and just focus on the chewing motion. The constant chewing action can cause your jaw to become tired. Remember to remove your gum as soon as you don’t enjoy the flavor anymore. The American Dental Association (ADA) advises orthodontic patients to chew gum for up to 20 minutes following a meal. 

Every case is different so make sure you have a professional’s approval for chewing gum during your orthodontic treatment. As a patient of ours, contact us today to find out if chewing gum while wearing your braces is recommended for your specific situation.

Meet Dr. Jacquie Smiles 

Dr. Jacquie Smiles, also known to her patience as Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C., started her career in orthodontics/dentistry at Boston University and after graduation became the first female and youngest Director of B.U.’s Predoctoral Orthodontic Department. She is now part of the Invisalign prestigious faculty department, this means she is among one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the world.

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5 Best Reasons to Get Invisalign as an Adult in NYC

Did you miss out on your chance to have braces as a child? Many people in NYC regret not getting their teeth straightened during their younger years. Some have actually had braces as a teen, but it still didn’t correct the alignment issues. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to braces and especially beneficial for adults. The clear aligners are removable and allow you to eat anything you desire. Also, they are barely noticeable and lessen the risk of being embarrassed compared to wearing standard metal braces. Continue reading to find out the best reasons to get Invisalign as an adult in NYC.

  1. Less Discomfort

The Invisalign aligners are soft and are custom fit for your teeth. This means you will have less discomfort compared to wearing standard metal braces and brackets. One of the common complaints of standard metal brace patients is the discomfort level of the brackets and wires as well as experiencing small cuts on the inner lip. Invisalign aligners are comfortable to wear and don’t cause damage to lips or gums.

  1. Boosted Confidence

As your Invisalign treatment goes forward, you will gradually see your teeth aligning which causes you to become more confident and smile more often. This boosted confidence will be noticeable to everyone around you. Also, if you have always smiled or laugh by covering up your mouth, you will feel more confident to allow your beautiful straight smile to be seen.

  1. Food Doesn’t get Stuck

A widespread concern among adults that are seeking to straighten their teeth is the embarrassment of food getting stuck between standard braces. Invisalign is an excellent alternative since the aligners can be removed easily. In fact, it’s mandatory that you remove the aligners from your mouth before eating and drinking. This is required to assure the aligner doesn’t get damaged or bent out of shape from chewing.

  1. Convenient

As an adult, you don’t want to look like a teenager wearing silver metal braces. Chances are you want to look your best while straightening your teeth. You also don’t want your co-workers to be distracted by your metal braces. Invisalign aligners are convenient and easy to use. The process involves merely using each aligner set for the period of time your orthodontist recommends then move forward to the next set. Chances are your co-workers or anyone else in your life won’t even notice your aligners unless you take them out in public.

  1. Affordable

As a teenager, your parents might not have been able to afford braces for you. However, as an adult, you can surely afford teeth straightening treatment. Many orthodontists understand patients might not be able to pay for their treatment in one lump sum, so they offer other payment options such as accepting credit card, insurance and creating a finance plan that fits your budget. Inquire further with your orthodontist to learn more about payment options.

Overall, getting Invisalign as an adult is highly beneficial for a variety of reasons. You get to straighten your teeth, boost your confidence, set up a payment plan and feel comfortable while wearing the aligners. Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers accelerated orthodontics for adults in NYC. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for your no-obligation adult Invisalign appointment in NYC. You may also call us at 212-972-3522. Our office is conveniently located near 30 East 40th Street Park Avenue, New York, New York 10016.

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Worst and Best Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Costumes, pumpkins, and candy, oh my! Indulging in eating candy is a fun way to enjoy Halloween. However, consuming too much sweet treats can lead to cavities. Also eating the wrong type of candy can crack or break teeth and cause other types of damage. The following list is the worst and best Halloween candy for your teeth.

Best Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Here is a list of the best Halloween candy for your teeth:

  • Sugarless Candy  This type of candy contains non-sugar sweeteners. It is less likely to cause tooth decay since it doesn’t contain sugar, which is the leading cause of cavities. Sugarless candy options include gum, hard candy, gummy bears, lollipops, fruit candies, Twizzlers, Lifesavers and more.
  • Chocolate – This tasty treat usually comes in the form of a candy bar and is one of the most popular sweets given out during Halloween. The good news is, it’s one of the best candies that contain sugar you can eat because it’s easy to remove from your teeth with a quick brushing afterward.
  • Cotton Candy – Are you planning to consume sugary candies during Halloween? Make your choice the softest and easiest candy to eat. Cotton candy is also known as candy floss, usually comes in a bag or attached to a cardboard stick. It easily and quickly melts in your mouth. Brushing afterward is mandatory to wash sugar residue off your teeth.

Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Here is a list of the worst Halloween candy for your teeth:

  • Taffy – This stretchy chewy candy can give your jaw a workout. The candy itself can be difficult to chew putting dental work at risk of getting damaged. Also, the sticky taffy can get caught in between teeth and become very difficult to remove.
  • Caramels – This soft candy melts in your mouth and spreads sugar throughout all of your teeth. The sugar attaches to the bacteria on teeth and can lead to cavities and tooth decay.
  • Sour Candies – This candy is high in demand due to the sour flavor that people enjoy. While it might be popular, it actually causes two problems since the ingredients include acid and sugar. The acid damages enamel and the sugar causes cavities. Sour candy lovers need to limit the amount they eat to prevent long-term damage to teeth.
  • Hard Candies – These tasty sweets have been popular for centuries. They offer the chance to indulge in your favorite flavor longer than traditional chewy candies. Unfortunately, they also prolong the amount of contact sugar has with teeth which leads to cavities. Also, hard candies are responsible for many people cracking or breaking their teeth.

Eat candy responsibly and always brush, floss and rinse afterward to prevent tooth decay. Keep in mind that any candy containing sugar can lead to decay, but hard candies can actually break and crack your teeth causing long-term damage. Halloween should be a fun holiday and candy can be enjoyed, just try to stick with the best candy options to maintain healthy teeth and gums. 

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Awesome Dental Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and this means everyone is going to be consuming an unusual amount of delicious candy! This fun holiday is usually for the children, but adults seem to enjoy it just the same. According to the American Dental Association, eating candy on Halloween is ok, but it’s essential you have a plan. The following dental tips will help you get through Halloween without damaging your teeth.

Tip # 1 – Maintain a Healthy Diet

Holidays that involve sweet treats usually causes many people to forget about their diet altogether. A few candies or sweet treats on the actual holiday is fine, buy continuing to eat them for weeks afterward can destroy your teeth and your body. Maintain your healthy diet before during and after the holiday while just adding a few sweet treats on occasion.

Tip #2 – Carefully Choose Your Candy

Your goal is to eat sugar-free Halloween candy, but that might not be possible during Halloween since the sweets are often given to you. An excellent rule to follow is to avoid hard candy completely. This candy might be great because you get to enjoy it longer but the truth is, the longer it stays in your mouth, the more chance it has to cause tooth decay.

Gummy bears, taffy and other sticky types of candy need to be eaten in moderation. These sticky candies get stuck in between your teeth and sit there for long periods of time causing decay. You can consume these candies but only eat them if you will have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste immediately afterward. Brushing after consuming all types of candy will help prevent tooth decay.

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Tip #3 – Avoid Sugary Beverages

You are already going to be eating candy and other sweet treats; you don’t want to add more sugar by drinking soda, fruit juices and other types of beverages. Instead, drink plenty of water, preferably bottled water that has added fluoride.

Tip # 4 – Time it Perfectly

Avoiding sweets during Halloween might not be possible, so the next best thing you can do is time it right. Consume sweets after a regular meal since saliva production increases while you are eating. This will help rinse away food particles and cancel bacteria producing acids from damaging your teeth.

Tip #5 – Chew Sugarless Gum

The American Dental Association has placed their seal of approval on some extraordinary sugarless gum brands. Choose your favorite flavor and chew for 20 minutes after you eat a meal to neutralize the acid and prevent tooth decay. Sugarless gum and candy is an excellent alternative to sugar-based sweets. 

Remember to be cautious when chewing candy since it can break, crack or damage teeth. Consume a minimum amount of sweets, time it carefully and choose sugarless candy instead of sugar based sweets. Brush after eating meals and desserts to remove residue from your teeth. Enjoy your Halloween and eat candy responsibly!

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Should You get Your Teeth Straightened at a NY Strip Mall?

Achieving your goal of a beautiful straight smile couldn’t be easier these days but are you putting your oral health in danger? A consumer alert sent out by the American Association of Orthodontists warning people about strip mall companies like SmileLove, Candid Co. and SmileDirectClub is revealing the truth about these strip mall businesses.

NY consumers might find it convenient for their busy schedules to straighten their teeth while shopping for shoes at the mall, but it’s risky. These famous teeth straightening clubs lack a very important aspect that licensed Orthodontists provide consumers which is individual care and attention. A quick scan of the mouth at a strip mall should never replace the in-depth care offered by a professional.

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D., P.C.

Dr. Jacquie Smiles started her career in orthodontics/dentistry at Boston University and after graduation became the first female and youngest Director of B.U.’s Predoctoral Orthodontic Department. She is now part of the Invisalign prestigious faculty department, this means she is among one of the most experienced Invisalign providers in the world, offering her patients in NYC the best quality of care and teeth straightening.

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Every patient has their own unique situation when it comes to their teeth. A scan at the mall might reveal how to straighten the teeth but what about the underlying issues that aren’t detected? Sometimes wisdom teeth need to be removed, or cavities need to be taken care of before teeth straightening is a possibility. The strip mall scanner isn’t going to help consumers with their real oral problems.

Standard metal braces were the most common procedure used to straighten teeth. Today, clear aligners that are removable and easy to clean are in high demand and are the fastest-growing category in the orthodontist market worldwide. Invisalign, the leading brand in the industry has successfully served over 5 million patients. This particular brand produces 80% of the market for clear aligners.

Invisalign is at the top of the industry due to the incredible success their aligners provide. These aligners have always been available through an Orthodontist office and accompanied with professional care throughout the procedure. The company losing exclusivity on 40 patents have allowed strip mall teeth straightening clubs to gain access to the products. The problem is, strip malls don’t provide a licensed Orthodontist with years of experience and guidance for the patient. Strip mall clubs generally treat the “patient” as a customer and never see them again after their first initial scan. The aligners arrive in the mail at the consumer’s address, and they are used as directed.

This might sound great and convenient for those who don’t want to spend time at Orthodontist appointments but what happens when you start experiencing unusual pain due to the treatment? Some teeth straightening patients experience pain from time to time due to the gradual movement of the teeth. This usually results with an appointment at an orthodontist office to oversee the situation and make adjustments.

All NY consumers or potential patients of strip mall teeth straightening procedures need to be alerted that complaints by the main orthodontists’ trade association, which include 36 state dental boards and attorneys general, have been filed against SmileDirectClub, the leading strip mall teeth straightening company. Surely there will be more complaints to follow.

Don’t become a victim of strip mall teeth straightening companies. Instead, consult with a licensed Orthodontist with extensive experience. Dr. Jacquie Smiles says, “What I do with my patients is the perfect balance between science and art. The end of treatment is always the most rewarding when I witness how my patients sit up a little taller in my dental chair and become more confident, radiant and expressive.”

Are you ready to straighten your teeth with a licensed Orthodontist in NY? Contact our office today for further assistance.

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