Transform Your Dating Profile

Transform Your Dating Profile

Transform Your Dating Profile

Transform Your Dating Profile

Transform Your Dating Profile

A recent poll made headlines after it explored the most important physical characteristics for securing a potential date online.

Aside from the obvious answers, eyes and body, teeth shined bright at the very top of the list. Over 50% of survey participants agreed a smile is what sealed the deal. The appearance of one’s teeth can affect many different areas of their life. Dating is no different. Many people are ashamed, or less than confident, if their teeth are not in perfect shape and condition. I mean, duh! That makes total right?

Tooth contouring is an advanced ornamental technique now available that removes small amounts of tooth enamel (the outer covering of the tooth) in order to change the shape, length, or surface of one or more teeth. This method of procedure can successfully be completed in just one session to accomplish your smile goals.

“Tooth reshaping is a great cosmetic dentistry procedure that can really improve the appearance of teeth,” says Dr. Jacquie Smiles.

Wondering how does reshaping work exactly? If you have chipped or fractured areas, your orthodontist or dentist will make sure they are smoothed out as specific angles or edges can be rounded or squared. On top of all that, contouring may create better alignment, too!
Your expert can sculpt and design producing a more feminine or masculine smile. Tooth reshaping can also be done as a preventative tactic towards targeted, chipped areas from getting worse. Tooth reshaping may be a conservative way to mend and progress one’s smile, but it makes an attractive distinction.

A winning attitude will charm and invite people from all four corners of the universe. Confidence is key. The path to happiness awaits.

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Funny Invisalign Memes

We are going to see Dr. Jacquie Smiles for Invisalign


Keep Calm and Wear Invisible Braces


Traditional Braces Vs Invisalign – Which one would you choose?


Braces or Invisalign? How to know which is right for you


To Invisalign or not to Invisalign. That is the question…


Oh you had Invisalign? Tell me again how difficult your high school years were…


When your orthodontist asks: Where is your retainer?


Invisalign – the answer to all of your dental problems


Say “Invisalign is just as good as braces” again. I dare you, I double dare you mother——!


NBA Money – Invisalign 


I don’t always wear Invisalign. But when I do it’s only for 3-5 hours of the day. Shhh!!!


Get up your complimentary Invisalign appointment at our convenient NYC, NJ and Long Island locations by calling Dr. Jacquie Smiles at 646-781-8153 or by filling out our contact form to receive more information.

AcceleDent is like an E-Zpass for Your Smile


AcceleDent is a new FDA approved treatment that is currently offered in Dr. Jacquie Smile’s dental offices in her 4 locations in NYC, NJ, Woodbury and Monroe. Acceldent helps accelerate treatment times for braces and orthodontic appliances. Instead of wearing traditional braces for up to two years, Acceledent may reduce the length of treatment for adults, teens and children to less than one year with faster orthodontics to help you adjust and straighten your teeth in no time. This new orthodontics treatments helps in addressing the straightening, spacing, closing of gaps and re-positioning of your teeth. It takes only about 3 to 9 months to achieve the desired smile you have always wanted through braces.

How It works

AcceleDent works by inserting a special mouthpiece with the pulse activator for 20 minutes a day. It uses gentle micropulses, called SoftPulse Technology® allowing movement of your teeth. Fitted around your existing braces AcceleDent can speed up tooth movement decreasing the duration of your orthodontic treatment. In order for the Acceledent procedure to be effective, patients really need to commit to at least 20 minutes a day.

Using AcceleDent

AcceleDent is easy to use. Simply press the removable mouthpiece into the activator, bite down firmly enough to hold the device in place and turn it on. Relax while you watch TV, read a book or listen to music during the required 20 minutes to use AcceleDent to function effectively.


Numerous studies have demonstrated AcceleDent’s benefits in safely speeding bone tooth movement. When used as directed in conjunction with orthodontic treatment, it offers benefits including:

  • Faster tooth movement without sacrificing aesthetics
  • Can be used with both teen and adult patients
  • May reduce your your orthodontic treatment time by 50%
  • It is lightweight and comfortable.
  • Hands-free design allows you the freedom to read, watch TV or complete work.

To learn more about AcceleDent to help you improve your smile, please contact Dr. Jacquie Smiles.