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19 Apr 16 Publications 0

Funny Invisalign Memes

We are going to see Dr. Jacquie Smiles for Invisalign

Keep Calm and Wear Invisible Braces

Traditional Braces Vs Invisalign - Which one would you choose?

Braces or Invisalign? How to know which is right for you

To Invisalign or View More

13 Apr 16 Publications 0

AcceleDent is like an E-Zpass for Your Smile

AcceleDent is a new FDA approved treatment that is currently offered in Dr. Jacquie Smile’s dental offices in her 4 locations in NYC, NJ, Woodbury and Monroe. Acceldent helps accelerate treatment times for braces and orthodontic appliances. Instead of wearing traditional braces for up to two years, Acceledent may reduce View More
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