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Social Media, Surgery & Smiles
11 Aug 16 blog 0

Social Media, Surgery & Smiles

Influenced by the power of the hashtag, our culture’s appetite for perfect Instagram bodies submerging our feeds have spawned an alarming number of individuals to seek out cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery procedures. Heaps of selfies and flawlessly fit photos have transformed social media into a boundless marketplace for the View More
09 May 16 blog 0

Smile Faster, Smile Straighter: Accelerated Orthodontics Accelerated orthodontic treatment (or accelerated orthodontics (AAO)) is a dental displacement method that reduces the time needed to permanently move teeth into a desired position by creating a weakened bone condition.

OrthoAccel ® Technologies, Inc., developer of the AcceleDent™ System, an appliance designed to accelerate orthodontic treatment, announced that it has received View More

Transform Your Dating Profile
22 Apr 16 blog 0

Transform Your Dating Profile

A recent poll made headlines after it explored the most important physical characteristics for securing a potential date online.

Aside from the obvious answers, eyes and body, teeth shined bright at the very top of the list. Over 50% of survey participants agreed a smile is what sealed the deal. View More
As Seen on Elite Daily
25 Feb 16 blog 0

As Seen on Elite Daily

6 Ways Your Smile Reveals Your Feelings For Someone Before You Do

The philosophy behind the law of attraction is simple. By focusing on positive or negative thoughts, individuals potentially have all of the power to invoke targeted experiences into his or her life from intuition. Your smile plays a huge role in establishing View More