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25 Aug 16 blog 0

Smile! You’re on K104 Radio…

When it comes to achieving that million dollar smile, there’s no one quite like Dr. Jacquie Smiles who knows how to get the job done. As a kid, I remember being so insecure about my mouth full of metal, but today, Dr. Jacquie is helping us kiss traditional braces goodbye View More
Social Media, Surgery & Smiles
11 Aug 16 blog 0

Social Media, Surgery & Smiles

Influenced by the power of the hashtag, our culture’s appetite for perfect Instagram bodies submerging our feeds have spawned an alarming number of individuals to seek out cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery procedures. Heaps of selfies and flawlessly fit photos have transformed social media into a boundless marketplace for the View More
Win Your Smile Back Featured on New Theory
18 Jul 16 blog 0

Win Your Smile Back Featured on New Theory

The battle against smoking is one of the hardest to win. It takes determination, commitment and hard work  to walk away from something you've done the majority of your life. With each disturbing commercial, new warning and loss of life, people are putting out there last cigarette and taking strides View More